Instagram LogoNash is on his way out of the backstage area when I round the corner. “Hey, we’re heading over to that restaurant across the street,” he calls out from the rear door. . I grunt. Yes, I grunted. That’s all I have in me right now, until I know if she’s going to be there or not. . “Ah, Griff!” Adair comes up behind me and pats me hard on the back. “That was insane, bro.” He pulls his phone from his pocket and swipes a message to someone that makes him grin. “I’ve never heard you sound so good. We need to get her back on the keys for Monday’s gig.” . I nod. He’s right about all of the above, but I can’t say a damn word. . He leans over and whispers, “We could actually kick Stone out for good.” His face transforms with a maniacal grin . “I caught up to her.” I want to kick my own ass right now for fucking it up yet again. “In the main corridor.” . “Ah, great!” The huge smile slowly fades from his face as he studies my expression. “And?” . I chew on my cheek and can’t decide if I should tell him to fuck-off, or just own up to the fact that I have no idea if I’ll ever see this girl again. “I didn’t get her last name.” . “Well, that’s one strike,” he mumbles and shrugs, “you’ve still got two left. Don’t count yourself out just yet.” . “I didn’t get her number, so that’s two strikes.” I swallow hard gulping down my own pride and ego. “And I also have no idea if she’s taken or not.” Three strikes and I’m out. . Adair cringes. . “I can practically hear the umpire yelling at me. It’s like high school all over again.” . “Well, you never were the athlete in the bunch. Nash has the lock on that.” . I grip the back of my neck and let out a deep sigh. “Music was always where my head was at... and up until tonight, that’s where my heart was too.” And now it's with her. . Pre-Order ASKEW EVER AFTER featuring THE SUMMER TOUR: