Author marketing and promo tracker!

Nov 06, 2021 12:05 am

Muahaha! My plan has worked. You gave me your email. Now you'll be contacted regularly with all my best author marketing tips and tools to make the job that much easier. Also, you MAY receive this email twice as I'm working out the kinks in the automation triggers.

I promise not to spam you, especially since I barely have time to breathe between all of my writing projects; BUT I will send you tips and tools as I discover or think of them because I believe in a rising tide lifts all boats. It's my goal to help at least one author find their path to success in this difficult industry.

Now, on to the goodies.

I promised you my promo tracker, which is the same one I created for my solo USA Today list run and am currently using to make sure my numbers are on target and where I want them to be.

I hope it's helpful for you!

Remember NOT to change any fields marked in GOLD or the formulas will break and it'll be a useless file.

You'll need to download a copy or save to your Drive account then you can add all your own information to it and get started tracking your own marketing campagins.

Click Here to Download!

Thanks for being here! I'll talk to you soon!