Look out for muggles...

Nov 03, 2021 8:52 pm

Hi, new friend!

Wisdom From the Masters - krazydiamond (Kristin Jacques), Edgewise - Wattpad

OMG YAY! , you’re now part of my Bookish Believers reader group, but we're really more like an extended family. You made it here because you signed up for a bookish giveaway or grabbed one of my reader magnets from BookFunnel or Story Origin. Whatever path you took to find us, I'm so excited you're here! Make sure to keep a look out for the muggles and never let them get you down.

Over the next few days, I’ll be sending you some bookish goodies. Stay tuned. But before we get started, I want to know…

What House are you in? Reply to this email and let me know!

Harry Potter: The Four Hogwarts Houses - Inside the Magic

I love connecting with other readers, so I can't wait to get to know each of you a little better. I'm a Ravenclaw in case you hadn't noticed that yet... 😅🙈

As promised, here's a bookish bonus just for being here and hanging out with us:

Book Cover


Talk soon!

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