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Sep 30, 2020 11:51 pm


3 Strategies to make it through a long mono-structural activity

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If you choose to do a really long activity, something lasting sixty minutes or longer, your mind can make it very difficult for you.

The mind believes that nothing is being accomplished. It acknowledges all the work the body is doing, for no apparent reason. It sees no gain for the energy being expended and wants to see an end to this nonsense. The mind wants nothing more to quit.

The following strategies will help!


Occupy the mind with counting-

  • When rowing, count strokes-up to 100, back to 1 and repeat.

  • When running, walking, or hiking count steps.

  • When swimming, count strokes.


  • Running-stop every five minutes for ten burpees

  • Swimming-stop every 100 meters for ten push-ups

  • Hiking, stop every ten minutes for 20 air squats

Get creative and physically break it up to make the time fly


  • Work-to-rest interval. Work for a set period, rest for a set period.

  • Hard-to-easy interval. Hard effort for a set period, easy effort for a set period.

  • Easy-medium-hard interval. Start easy for a period of time, then go medium for a period, then go hard.

  • Work-to-reward interval. Example-every mile you run, take a drink of water. This gives your mind something to look forward to but also keeps you hydrated!

Whatever strategy you use, decide what you’re going to do before you start, COMMIT, and DON’T QUIT!

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