The Marek Exhibition Opens This Weekend!

Hello!The Marek exhibition is opening tomorrow in Toruń! Hurray! The CSW Toruń building has a big ol' poster up for it:I hadn't seen much of the promotion until this week, as it's mostly been on Facebook, but here are a few posts worth seeing, even t...

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Sep 14, 2023
📽Andrzej Żuławski Competition Time! ✨

Hi,(Before we get into it, just a reminder that the new Marek Zulawski exhibition is opening soon in Toruń, Poland. Still no English version (booooo!), but here's the Polish press release.)After a few production delays, the new super fancy Andrzej Żu...

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Aug 31, 2023
A Strange Anniversary...

Hi,Today, my son Zach turns 2 years and 84 days. That's the exact age I was when my father Marek died.I've always wondered what I might have experienced when it happened, and what happened after. And looking at Zach today, I finally have some sort of...

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Aug 17, 2023
A Poster Makes Things Official

Hi, Only a short newsletter this week - my laptop has mostly been commandeered by my sick son for emergency Peppa Pig marathons.---Official poster for the Toruń exhibitionI'm very happy to announce that a promotional poster has become available for t...

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Aug 03, 2023
Prince Phillip's Favourite Caricaturist

Hi,This week, I want to talk briefly about the artist Feliks Topolski, a close friend of my father Marek Zulawski.But before I get to that, I just want to mention the opening of the Toruń CSW exhibition of Marek's work is still on for September 15th,...

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Jul 20, 2023