Why Simple Rules Triumph In A Complex World

Aug 02, 2020 5:40 pm

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Hope you are well. I spent this week finishing a book that I should have finished long ago. I also spent some time making some changes to the site. It's happening less slowly than I would like since I'm no expert, but I hope it's even a little more pleasing to the eyes now.

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Why do aphorisms like "honesty is the best policy" remain so prevalent even though it clearly isn't nuanced enough? The answer is that simplicity isn't a bug; it's a feature. Certain ideas are only useful because they are simple. Make it too complex, and it becomes a new problem in itself.

Bonini's Paradox: Why Simple Rules Triumph In A Complex World

Book Summary

I'm starting to get into a habit of taking notes on books I've read. Here's some notes from Made to Stick, a book about how some ideas gain traction through the ages.


Other Interesting Ideas

Microphones and Forklifts: It's abundantly clear that technology has become very important with Covid-19 running rampant. What's not so clear is how each piece of technology affects us. Some technologies raise productivity, others create inequality.

The Ugly Scramble: Nuance is important in the world. Cats can survive falls. A short fall is safer than a medium-height fall. But there’s a point where the further a cat falls, the less injury it’s likely to face.

Finding Time: "It takes many hours to make what you want to make. The hours don’t suddenly appear. You have to steal them from comfort." A good reminder for everyone.

An Idea I'm Playing With



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