Jun 19, 2021 2:12 pm



We hope to see some of you in Salt Lake City, Utah for a huge Solstice Gathering! If you can make it happen to get there I highly encourage it! The Provo Marriott is offering discounted rooms and myself and all of the others will be staying there and would love to meet you in person! Please spread the word!

SALT LAKE CITY - MONDAY, JUN 21, 2021 6 - 9 pm

ARISE TOUR will be at the Corner Restaraunt in Midway, Utah

Meet & Greet 6-7pm

Tour Speakers 7-9pm

Special Guests: Reinette Senum, Dr Christiane Northrup & Dr Eric Nepute

Discounted Rooms at Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center


Events are Free - Donations are Welcome at

Arise for Freedom! 🔥


avatar Rene Caro
Was at the Church of Glad Tidings on Saturday to support you all! Sincere THANKS for all you're doing. I just contributed $200 on your website, this after donating $100 at the Church event! More to come! Keep up the fight! ** MUCH LOVE ** Rene
avatar James C.
Is there a recording of this event anywhere? I heard it was broadcast.
avatar Martha
I live in nyc where mayor deblasio wants mandatory vaxs for all& passports. How to fight this Leigh? Its against the Nuremburg code, isnt it? Can i sue nyc & ask tp prove Covid that Sars Covid 2 can be isolated? Not by pcr test but by sciwnce?
avatar William Frank
I am having a hard time up northern New York. ese useless masks and the jobs saying we have till the 27th of sept to have at least the 1st shot. I cant afford not to work and i cant afford to die either. what a crack of bull crap. any suggestions would be great.
avatar Amber Star Long
Leigh we need you back here in Cali, they just made vaccines mandatory for 12 and up in the LA school district. We need your help.