Jun 16, 2021 7:00 pm



Thank you everyone for the great turnout in Orange County and San Diego and your continued support! On my way to Tampa for the Reopen America Tour - Tampa Health and Freedom Conference and then heading to Sacramento on Saturday for our next stop on The Arise Freedom Tour at Glad Tidings Church, 1179 Eager Road, Live Oak, CA.


We are picking up momentum and headed to Salt Lake City, Utah for a huge Solstice Celebration! If you can make it happen to get there I highly encourage it! The Provo Marriott is offering discounted rooms and myself and all of the others will be staying there and would love to meet you in person! Please spread the word!

SALT LAKE CITY - MONDAY, JUN 21, 2021 6 - 9 pm


Special Guests: Reinette Senum, Dr Christiane Northrup & Dr Eric Nepute

Discounted Rooms at Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center


Events are Free - Donations are Welcome at

Arise for Freedom! 🔥


avatar Kay
I understand you ate coordinating alot of the tour. It shows Tennessee but not where you are heading. May i suggest East Tennessee around the Knoxville area. We are very close to the mountains so Scott can ride and I can help with a venue.
avatar Laurie Post
Come to L.A. Leigh. I will stand with you even if no one else joins us. I can offer you guest lodging if you need that.. Let me know how I might help. I appreciate and value all you are doing to rake back these usurpers and hold the line for all our children's' tomorrows. You are literally saving the planet.
avatar Dana
Just saw you at the Tampa Thrivetime event. WOW! Powerful. First time I’ve seen you and I’ve already shared your name with many. Thank you for showing us a model to follow in getting our voice. Just in awe of the message you shared today!
avatar Amy
I wish the tour would come east through NY and down the coast. Any future plans??
avatar Amy
I wish the tour would come east through NY and down the coast. Any future plans??
avatar Agape Health Services
Thank you for standing up for our children
avatar Sandra Aseremo
In California mask were recently lifted except businesses or places of work. Is it legal for an employer to require people to wear mask because they refused to be vaccinated ? And to make matter worse, we know OSHA said that unvaccinated people are required to wear mask but it's also an honor system. Now my workplace will be issuing a badge for those vaccinated people to differentiate them from the unvaccinated people, and my workplace wanted us to submit proof of vaccination. Is it not that illegal to do that due to privacy issue ?