Jun 03, 2021 12:22 pm


Sacha Stone and I are supporting our friend Scott McKay the Patriot Streetfighter in Nebraska! We will be meeting &-greeting (one of the most relevant things on this tour is meeting all of you!) Event will also be livestreamed. Please SHARE! And check out all of our tour dates below. We are back in Gainesville, Texas on Sunday June 6th! For all my California Freedom Fighters put June 14th on the calendar for San Diego and June 15th for Orange County!


We are diversifying the Arise Tour and expanding our national reach with myself, Sacha Stone, Scott McKay, Christiane Northrup, Reinette Senum, Dr Cordie Williams, and 50+ other key speakers committed to an ancillary ARISE tour schedule with fewer dates but larger audiences so that we can accommodate broader demographics and travel schedules.


See you on the road!

Leigh 🔥

avatar Gabriela
Will you be stopping in Denver at some point? Would love to join the patriot family attending the event! thanks
avatar Sarah
Hello, I'm interested in the orange county date for the 15th. Do I need tickets? Where would I purchase tickets if needed? If someone could get back to me about any further details pertaining to the orange county June 15th tour date. The website doesn't have any links or information about how I can actually attend.
avatar Tara
Very interested in tickets for San Diego on June 14th. How do I get tickets??
avatar Jeanine Just
Hello, I am a Visionary Success Strategist and have built a client base in S. CA for nearly 40 years. I'm interested in sharing your upcoming tour events with my clients and friends, especially in the OC and Riverside.. With all the changes in the tour, I want to know what clients can expect. Thanks for your help. JEANINE JUST
avatar Sandra
When will you be in Kingman AZ. Scott 1st said on 13th at Veterans Village at 4:00 in his last video. It also said the 13th on Arise Freedom Tour site. We booked a hotel room for 6/13, then on Wednesday it got changed to Sat. 12th on Arise site tour schedule, but didn’t a time. Now I’m seeing on Scott’s Telegram he’s going to be in Vegas on the 12th until 3;00. We have to drive a long way to the show in Kingman A-Z from when we live, plus pay for a room, but don’t know if the shot is eccentric going yo be a taking an on the 12th anymore. Please confirm it’s going to in Kingman AZ on the 12th still and what time.
avatar Theresa Donahue Galvan
I’m interested in either OC or San Diego how do I get tickets??
avatar Desiree Thayer
I see Louisville, Kentucky is unannounced. Let me know if you need help connecting to like minded businesses in Louisville area!
avatar Karrin Ochoa
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