Feb 21, 2022 7:56 pm


Hey friends!

I've got a quick request that I am hoping you can assist with!

I'm helping the boys who want to do a rubber ducky caravan move, here in the states. It is quite the heavy-lift - because of the advanced time line (we are now launching this coming Wednesday morning, Feb 23, out of the Adelanto Stadium in Southern California - a couple folks will be speaking and wishing the boys and girls well, and then the rigs will be pulling out of dodge at 11 a.m.)!

We have nailed down the Barstow departure location, but our next stop is Kingman Arizona - ideally we will be stopping to sleep there the evening of Wednesday, February 23rd. 

Then we hit Lupton Arizona which is on the border of New Mexico on the evening of Thursday, Feb 24, to sleep. 

The following day, which is Friday, we will drive straight through New Mexico because it is not a very friendly State, and hit the border of Texas in the Glenrio TX area on Friday night, Feb 25 to lay our heads down for a brief rest.

Saturday morning, February 26th, we drive from Glenrio Texas to Vinita Oklahoma to stop and sleep Saturday Night, February 26th, in the OK state!

I need big, large, flat parcels of hard pack dirt acreage or pavement to park these guys on. A thousand trucks minimum, probably - so ideally, we would be looking for a minimum of 20 acres, but preferably 50 to 100 acres. Again, it needs to be flat, hard-packed dirt or pavement, and adjacent to I-40. It does not need to be all one lot, it could be nearby adjacent Lots. But it needs to be pretty flat, and pretty hard, and easy access off of Interstate 40, so not too far from the main drag.

If you know anybody in the Kingman AZ, Lupton AZ, Glenrio TX, or Vinita OK areas, that have big flats, let me know by way of email to Leigh.esq@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance for the help!💕

avatar Angelia Kay
Hello Leigh! I will do my best to ask around and assist with that. I am adding you to my google albums that will help the cause. I saw this article since you mentioned NM and I wanted you to see it :) Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-N.M.) said on Saturday that she would be introducing legislation that would grant temporary asylum to those involved in the Canadian trucker protests. “Just as we provide asylum for political prisoners, we should do the same for truckers who have been subjected to violence, had their property confiscated, and their bank accounts frozen by a government that is quickly becoming the embarrassment of the free world,” Herrell said in a statement on Twitter. “I am introducing legislation that would temporarily grant asylum to innocent Canadian protesters who are being persecuted by their own government. We cannot be silent as our neighbors to the north are treated so badly,” she added.
avatar Cheryl Papke
Leigh can you help the truckers get organized by state and set up appointments with their representatives. It is ridiculous they are being ignored. In numbers in every office which they have EVERY RIGHT TO MEET WITH THEIR REPRESENTATIVES, THEY are in an echo chamber. The Senate vote on Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) amendment to the continuing resolution (CR), which would defund Biden’s remaining COVID-19 jab mandates, ended in a 46-47 defeat. These four GOP Senators need a primary challenger for their next election: Trending: Russia Tells the U.S. “We Have Found Your Biological Weapons” (WATCH) • Mitt Romney (R-UT) • Jim Inhofe (R-OK) • Lindsey Graham (R-SC) • Richard Burr (R-NC)