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Apr 16, 2021 1:27 pm


So glad you joined our Freedom Family. 😊



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Many of you have been asking me to create a way to stay in touch, so here it is! This is THE uncensored pathway which will allow you to see my latest videos and news – first.


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– Leigh

avatar Billy
I just love your work. You are an amazing American patriot. Thank you for all you do. God bless you
avatar Nicki
Leigh, Your bravery holds no bounds. I pray for you and the hard fight that you take head on. Thank you.
avatar Harvey
Just saw you on the Health & Freedom conference. Thank you for defending Orange County!
avatar Rev
Loved your speech in Oklahoma! God bless you, your family & friends! All the best in Jesus name, Rev
avatar Dory Formiller
Hello Lee, Loved your speak in Oklahoma! Thank you for saving our children!!!! I am a Orange County resident in the Ocean View School District and kept my child on virtual learning for the reason you identified in your speech. I would love to offer my help in anyway possible to help in this fight!!! Even if you just need a warm body to fill a crowd that supports everything you are doing!!! Please reach out to me and tell me how I can help!!!! So appreciate you! You are an Amazing Brave American Patriot!!!!
avatar Jana
You are my new favorite "Warrior Mom"!!!
avatar Mallory Hicks
Saw you at the Health and Freedom conference and you were amazing!!!!! My favorite!!!!
avatar Carol
I heard your speech virtually yesterday. You spoke of Hitler starting out with a couple moves. I got a pen to write it down and got the second thing about closing churches and schools, but missed the first thing. What was it? I'm in Canada but I'm an American, I'm a pastor and we are on the front lines, those of us who are defending freedoms! Wish we had some one like you up here!!!
avatar Linda
I just saw you at the Health and Freedom conference. No words are adequate to thank you for what you are doing for us! I live in San Diego county and am so glad you are standing up for our state. Thank you!
avatar Kris
Saw you steaming at the conference this weekend. Wow! Is all I can say. Thank you what you are doing. It so inspiring. God bless you and America 🇺🇸
avatar Steve
Thank you very much for what you have done for freedom! Your amazing speech and the video clips of you voicing Truth at the Health and Freedom Conference was eye opening and VERY inspirational! God bless you and everyone who stands up and speaks the Truth to any and all evil in this world!
avatar Dawn
You are a fierce and courageous warrior mama, thank you for fighting for all of us. I am here to learn how I can help you in stopping the Fourth Reich in California.
avatar Kelly B
Wow! I heard your talk at the Freedom Conference and I am overjoyed! I'm so glad I've discovered you. You have touched my heart and are one of the best speakers I have ever heard. So RIGHT ON!!! Love you. Keep up the great work!!!
avatar Deanna Vaters
I just watched a video on YouTube that my daughter in South Dakota sent me. I was truly inspired.
avatar debi monday
How is it that the Vaccines are still being permitted to be administered when they were only allowed because there was not an FDA approved medication, well: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-treatment-covid-19
avatar Elaine Webb
Just saw your speech in Oklahoma. You are such an inspiration! Could you help us employees at Houston Methodist hospital system in Texas who are being mandated to take the vaccine by June 7th or be terminated?
avatar Cathleen Carmel Jacobson
May God richly bless you and yours for your courage and strength ! Count me in for the battles to come !!!! Honored to be in this army for liberty, freedom and justice for all !
avatar Debbi
I live in Ontario Canada, we are in a tyrannical state of emergency We’ve been locked down we are not allowed to leave our homes or our province! I seen your speech about the connections between Hitler and both of our governments, I’m so scared I’ve been doing freedom walks screaming from the top of my lungs, we need ppl like you Leigh! You’re an inspiration! I wish you were here! Love & respect!! After we win this revolution I would love to come to Orange County and shake your hand n give you a hug! Thank you for ALL you do!!! The vaccine they’re pushing on us if we don’t get it we are evil, & don’t care about our family & friends! I will NEVER take it never they’re setting up pop up hospitals all over n I know they are for the ones who resist! We need help!! Pray for us!!!
avatar Tim from ROC
Loved your Flaming of the OC Legislature, and then your speech in OK. I am concerned about my son's university laying the groundwork for requiring the max prior to returning for Fall Semester. -- Are you aware of (or do you have plans to form) a group that will be suing these Universities on behalf of the students for Human Rights Violations for barring the un-vax'd?
avatar Candy Rodewald
Prayers for you and may God bless you. You are a COWGIRL!
avatar Toni
Leigh , thank you for speaking out at the Health & Freedom Conference and informing us here in the OC about our sneaking legislators!! This is how these people do these things and get away with it, by trying to pass harmful laws through the back door at night !!! Thank God you are a Watchman !! Everyone needs to Wake up and see what they’re really trying to pull on the population everywhere! My father in law was a Holocaust survivor and he filled us in on everything from beginning to end, and you are exactly correct!!! These are Holocaust tactics !!! These people need to be stopped!!! And we all need to stand together for our children and grandchildren’s sakes , and for the sake of America !!!
avatar Latasha
I am currently a nurse but you make me want to become a human rights attorney. I am looking into that now. Thank you for standing up. I am in Georgia. You have my support!
avatar Eliza
I’m from Orange County and just want to thank you for standing up to the Board and fighting against vaccine passports! You are incredible and we couldn’t do it without people like you.
avatar Shannon Cila
Leigh, Someone just shared your vid w/me and please, how can I get your ability to rattle my thoughts out so skillfully and passionately? I'm going before a judge for my hearing on May 12th. I was falsely arrested over the mask thing and I'm having to go pro-se bec no atty in their rifgt minds wants to challenge the Fiscal Courts of Oldham County KY, so I'm going to ask them to hand me the gun so I can just shoot myself. The 911 Dispatch fabricated a false report & the cop arrested without warrant.
avatar Jennifer
Hello and thank you for all that you are doing? Quick question I live in Michigan or what we like to call the communist republic of Gretchen half-Whitmer- colleges here are mandating the vaccine. Can they do that? My daughter just heard her 1st choice Loyola Chicago is also mandating the vax to live on campus and or go to class in person? We found this out a week before we have to send in her decision- had she known that this was going to be mandated she would have applied at other schools that aren’t mandating this experimental vaccine. Now the application deadlines are closed and she is stuck with colleges that are mandating this? I’m trying to see if I can get a religious exemption but they are the ones that approve it and they are going to make the approvals very hard to get. No doctor or will write a medical exemption here because they will lose their license orders from our ruler whitless! My doctor actually said the cdc says all kids can get this- the vax isn’t my child’s doctor and neither is her pediatrician anymore!!! I feel like every time we fight these mandates they double down! How do we stop these colleges because next is k-12 school !!
avatar Mic Rosado
I wish I saw you when you were in Oklahoma. When will you be back?
avatar Katy Rovetto
Thank you for using your platform to inform and warn worldwide populations of this travesty being thrust upon mankind. One of the blowbacks I got was from one who said that all you said was opinion, not fact. I am asking if you would please send me your reference links to the examples that you used.
avatar Nancy J. Battle
Leigh is this the kind of man you will be supporting ? He is a Zionist and listen to his views on the mandatory vaccine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHqAqxWybHY
avatar Mary Speer
I ran across a video of yours some time last year after the election and thought you were amazing. Thank you for drive and passion, I will keep sharing your work with the sheeple! Carry-on and stay strong 💪 🙏
avatar Frank
Please run for Governor! Thank you so much for your advocacy. My son and future daughter in law recently received a letter from CSU Fullerton that they must have proof of vaccination in the Fall 2021. Needless to say, we are all freaking out....
avatar Amy
Your speech was amazing. Will you run for governor against Newsome in the recall? We need a champion with the trans baggage to unite behind.
avatar Cynthia
Are you and Peggy Hall the Healthy American connected? You seem to have similar passion on Human Rights and Health.
avatar Sue
We just watched your Health and Freedom 2021 from Orange County...WOW ZOW!!!! You rock with the legal mindset over all that
avatar Sue
We just watched your Health and Freedom 2021 from Orange County...WOW ZOW!!!! You rock with the legal mindset with the things that WE THE PEOPLE want to say & get the word out! God bless you! ONWARD & UPWARD from your supporters in St George Utah!
avatar Thomas
STAND UP!! This is my new rallying cry! Thank you for such a powerful, articulate and timely call to arms. Want you to know that my father, William, was also on the USS West Virginia on December 7th, 1941. He was 18! What he and your grandfather fought for must never be forgotten or lost. God bless you. God bless us all. EXCELSIOR!!
avatar Karen Szatkowski
I have a question. I pay an annual fee to shop at Costco, they demand I wear a mask but I can't because of a medical condition. I'm in AZ, not CA. I've worn the mask into the store & I have to take it off because I can't breathe! They tell me, when the see me without a mask on, that if I don't put one on that they will have to ask me to leave the store! How can they legally do that when I "pay" to shop there? If wearing a mask is NOT a LAW, how can they demand that I wear one in their store?
avatar Krissy Heeg
Good morning Leigh. Ohio is in a hot freaking mess right now. Our legislators are making back door deals and ignoring we the people about HB248 which is the Vaccine Passport Choice Act which would allow us to choose whether or not we would take a vaccine and be able to not have to show our papers at work, school, stores etc. We need help making this as loud as possible. I would love for you to interview our Rep Jennifer Gross who introduced the bill. Not only was she a nurse, she's a vet and a mom who loves, God, life, liberty and country. Our voices need to be heard. We also have Mat Heck sending questionaires about your religious exemptions! This guy actually mandated Jab before Aprilfor the entire Montgomery Co Prosecutors office that he oversees or be terminated. We need a firebrand lawyer. Help! https://www.facebook.com/OhioAMF/photos/a.508581426003372/1622018884659615/
avatar Lisa
Hi Leigh, SOOO appreciate you! Where is the link to your non-profit? Saw you on Flyover Conservatives and want to help and get more info too. Thanks!
avatar Laurie
With all my heart I thank you and pray for your health and protection!
avatar Colleen
Hi Leigh, I just watched your interview with brighteon. You had mentioned results from trials regarding the negative affects from masks. Is there somewhere that you post the sites of these reports. I'm desperate to send these to my son at his college. Thank you ahead of time.
avatar Jenniffer McKinley
Looking for information on your summer tour. I live in the Atlanta area. Thank you!
avatar Athens
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! You are my hero!
avatar Caryl
Leigh, God bless you! I am a retired RN, bachelor's degree, 40 years of experience, Public Health, Nurse Instructor, and much more. Worked in Oregon Legislature four different sessions as secretary. I would love to come work with you, any capacity, volunteer for your/our cause! Please let me know how I can help you. Prayers 🙏 for you. God bl
avatar Caryl
Leigh, God bless you! I am a retired RN, bachelor's degree, 40 years of experience, Public Health, Nurse Instructor, and much more. Worked in Oregon Legislature four different sessions as secretary. I would love to come work with you, any capacity, volunteer for your/our cause! Please let me know how I can help you. Prayers 🙏 for you. God bless! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I believe we were born for such a time as this!!! Amen!
avatar Caryl
Leigh, God bless you! I am a retired RN, bachelor's degree, 40 years of experience, Public Health, Nurse Instructor, and much more. Worked in Oregon Legislature four different sessions as secretary. I would love to come work with you, any capacity, volunteer for your/our cause! Please let me know how I can help you. Prayers 🙏 for you. God bless! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I believe we were born for such a time as this!!! Amen!
avatar Robyn
Leigh, I’m so overwhelmed with your power and poise and it’s incredible to see you in action. I’ve seen both videos of you demanding action against the powers that be who continue to press down on our rights and that’s of our children’s rights. I live in Marin County, California and was just invited to a community conference call between the County office of Health in collaboration with the office of education. I fear they are trying to mandate vaccines for our school aged kids. If that becomes truth I will be in contact with you. I am terrified but I’m not afraid to fight!
avatar Hokulsni Cheneviere
I watched your youtube right before it was removed. Youre courage and fierce power are just what we need NOW. Im deeply inspired by you. In Hawaii there is a small emerging awareness that women need to take the reigns-THE FUTURE IS WAHINE. The future is females united.
avatar Maire
Leigh, Thank you for your love of our country, and for standing up and fighting everyday! I believe you are 100 % right OC is the first of many battles. I'm praying for victory in OC. Here are two more big fights in CA that are coming up fast. The CA University system requiring vac for the students for Fall 2021, and CA Education pushing for vac for ages 12-15yrs!!! We can't let this happen! https://edsource.org/2021/california-public-universities-vaccine-requirement-could-impact-more-than-1-million-students-and-staff/653608 https://edsource.org/2021/california-public-universities-vaccine-requirement-could-impact-more-than-1-million-students-and-staff/653608
avatar Pam
Hi Leigh, I am formally from OC and watched your video regarding what is happening there with the forced vaccinations by school boards.I love your passion, your research and your articulation in spreading the word of how our freedoms are being taken away! I have forwarded your video to many people and I’m being asked where they can find the research regarding all of the ferrets dying after being vaccinated. Can you please provide? Thx!
avatar Kerry
Thank You for all that you are doing. I know You are unbelievably busy,but, do You have any advice on the direction to seek for colleges mandating the vaccine? Do You have any contacts that are focusing on this particular issue. Thank YOU!