May 10, 2021 7:37 pm



Orange County CA is considering adopting a Digital Vaccine Passport technology system, which system could then be leveraged by businesses who could force customers to show digital proof of vax prior to entry. Such a system is inherently discriminatory: it makes make outcasts of the 40% of elderly, 20% of poor and 15% of minorities that do not own smartphones, while turning those who do not want the vaccine (or who cannot receive it) into prisoners in their own homes ... who would then not be allowed to travel freely. This privacy rights nightmare meets surveillance state catastrophe has no place in modern society: a system of "SHOW YOUR PAPERS PLEASE!" is best relegated to the annals of history and the Third Reich. This system is immoral, unconstitutional and would disenfranchise HUGE swaths of society, along with creating a surveillance state that even George Orwell could not have envisioned -- which is why the ACLU, the WHO and American Travel Associations have all come out against digital vaccine passports in recent weeks. No one -- vaccinated or not, liberal or conservative, old or young -- wants to be leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs behind them every time they leave their house -- because they had to flash their QR vaccine code when they went to Chipotle at noon, the Post Office at 1 p.m., and to get their kid from school at 3 p.m.

Get all your Southern California friends to Orange County CA tomorrow -- Tuesday, May 11 at 8:30 a.m. at 333 West Santa Ana Boulevard in Santa Ana -- to tell the County Board NO ON VACCINE PASSPORT TECHNOLOGY!

Stand For Freedom! 🔥


avatar Val
Leigh, you are a true warrior. A household name here in our home. My husband and I watch your 18 min. clip together often...I watch it to get back in line with knowing the good WILL WIN OUT. Please let me know how I can help. I would drive across the country to stand with you and your colleagues. I live in NH but the 3,000 mi that separate us are just a few days drive. I won’t fly. I lived and taught in OC for 20 years. I know the area well. I moved from Davis, Ca. to NH four years ago. I hold space for you daily. 🙏🏼 Let me know how I can help. -Val Wood
avatar Bob
Leigh, I have a son & bro-inlaw working in MA. They along with all other employees, have been advised by their employer that they will all be mandated to get vaccinated by next week to retain their employment. I am respectfully requesting more info about your "Cease & Desist" letter .... Thank you in advance and for everythingyou've done & continue to do! Bob bob_coutu@yahoo.com
avatar Frederich Scott
Dear Leigh, here is what I'm dealing with in my Union Local 740 Glaziers Architectural Metal Workers. I'll copy word for word from just two Monthly Meeting Reports: "Received attorney brief on mandatory vaccine to get on job sites (it's legal)" He said it'll be an August demand. Then last month stated "Looks like covid vaccine will be available for all in June we should do a 740 vaccination of the membership day." BTW, we have to wear masks @ work. Please help (at least not to vaccinate) so that I can continue working. Please, I don't want them to know I initiated... one can get black balled so easy around here. Thank you. Frederich
avatar Steve
avatar Michelle
Leigh, What can we do legally if anything about business pushing the mask to enter their store or restaurants. Like Hardee’s and Menards?? I’m getting really tired of the bull crap going on!!! Thank you
avatar Jo Bradley
You are a true hero. I made you something to show my appreciation. I put your historic and soul-stirring speech to some original music from my wife, Brittney Mitchell. Check it out! And thank you times a million for saving humanity and America! https://rumble.com/vgwey1-leigh-dundas-raises-the-dead.html
avatar Amber Star Long
Thank you for standing up for our country when so many walk past blindly. Thank you for fighting for us while the few that are awake try to wake those around them. Thank you for being our fighting chance at freedom 🇺🇲
avatar Diane Perez
May the Lord bless every word, every action and every move you make. Thanks for fighting for all of us. You're such of inspiration and know that you're on my prayers for the strength you need to fight against the dark! The light always wins, never give up you're walking with the Lord!!!! God Bless America 🇺🇸
avatar Barbara
Leigh, Heads up - Press Ganey (National organization influencing Healthcare) is hosting a webinar today featuring Houston Methodist Hospital entitled "Why Houston Methodist is Mandating Covid-19 Vaccines for all Employees and Providers." Monday, May 17.
avatar Tracy
California needs you as their next governor. Consider it. You would be amazing!!
avatar Patty Jo
Can my employer make me show proof I've been vaccinated in order not to have to wear a mask? Can my employer require me to get vaccinated?
avatar Eric Fenton
Need help fighting this..... TO: The Gustavus Community FROM: President Bergman DATE: May 19, 2021 Future Gustavus Parents and Families, I hope you and your family are enjoying the warmer weather and your student is looking with anticipation to their high school graduation. Here at Gustavus, campus is quiet after we celebrated commencement last week. Faculty and staff are concluding the academic year as we turn our attention to fall planning. I write today to share with you a message that I sent to students, faculty, and staff yesterday announcing three key changes to our COVID-19 policies on campus. Most significantly, we made the decision to require students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for the 2021-2022 academic year. As I outline in the message below, Gustavus is joining a growing number of colleges and universities across the country in requiring the vaccine, which we believe gives us the best possible chance of returning to regular in-person classes, residential living, and student activities in the fall. I ask your help in encouraging your future Gustie to get vaccinated if they haven't already. In addition to the resources below, please know that we will help students arrange to get a vaccine when they arrive on campus if they are unable to find one over the summer. Throughout the pandemic, we have worked in partnership with public health officials to implement policies and practices that provide us with the best possible chance to keep our community safe and offer on-campus living and learning in a residential liberal arts setting. Thank you for your continued support as we seek to provide a top-notch education to your student and their classmates. Yours in community, President Bergman
avatar Michele
By law, they cannot mandate a vaccine that is under Emergency Use Authorization. All of the Covid vaccines are under EUA only therefore it is against the law for any person, business, or entity to mandate it. At americasfrontlinedoctors.org you can look under their legal section to find the paperwork to give to your employer if he/she/they are trying to mandate it. They can't fire you if you refuse. That's part of the law. Leigh Dundas is part of the legal team for America's Frontline Doctors. Thank you, Leigh. You are an earth angel, sent from God!!
avatar Carol A Waldenberg
Thank you so much for your leadership. You are a gift.
avatar Ellen K Miller
I live in Monterey. I would like to know how to find out if they are trying to institute a vaccination program at school in the Monterey Unified School District. Should I call the Superintendent's office and just ask? I have a special needs grandson, and we do not want him vaccinated!!