Special Edition... Cover Reveal

Nov 15, 2022 2:01 pm

After almost blowing the whole cover reveal last week when my excitement got the better of me when my author paperback proof came in the mail and I almost showed it off on TikTok... I am pleased to finally unleash this beautiful book cover (along with the preorder link) onto the fantasy and paranormal romance reading world!

(drum roll please)



What if everything we thought we knew about the fall of the most notorious archangel from history was wrong? What if Lucifer didn't just fall... but he fell in love?

Archangel Lucifer has been tasked with avenging slaughtered angels; but in so doing must face his greatest challenge--unbridled temptation. Only ever wanting to be the dutiful son, all things change when he comes face to face with the virgin Goddess of the Hunt.

The young goddess wants to become a warrior like her brothers. She finally gets the chance when the Creator himself requests her help on a hunt for an angel killer.

Adventure awaits them both as they face many unexpected perils along the way to justice, but the true danger lies closer within... to the desire that once ignited in their hearts could change the course of history in the cosmos forever.

Falling for the Devil is a romantic fantasy adventure with a salacious take on the fall of Heaven's most renowned angel. Can the good son deny his own heart? Or will they both be willing to break all the rules to forge their own path, regardless of the price that must be paid.


What's better than 1 cover reveal and preorder? Why MORE fantasy and paranormal romance cover reveals and preorders, of course! Here's some amazing books coming your way! Stock up your TBR pile NOW!



Snake said let's go on a quest in a magical realm to save our parents—how hard can it be? After all, we made it to The World Below.

Pris had no idea what she was letting herself in for when she said yes. She certainly did not expect to be thrust into a magical maze heading towards a confrontation with a freaking minotaur!

When Percival agreed to guide the two creatures from The World Above on their quest, little did he know the stresses of the maze would threaten to pull Pris and Snake apart, and that he would be tested to his very limits.

Will the three creatures overcome their own demons, and the obstacles the maze throws at them so they can defeat The Minotaur and claim their prize?

KC's Review ~

It's got action, adventure, and mythical creatures and will keep you glued to your seat and ignoring reality until you reach the end! Perfection of YA Fantasy fiction! Don't miss out!




The Wicked Fairy. The Mistress of All Evil. The villain of Sleeping Beauty goes by many names, but where did she come from?

Myravelle Spinner grew up in a tower with only spiders, spindles, and stone walls for friends while her mother spun gold for the king. She wondered why her mother refused to teach her fairy magic until one fateful mistake led Myravelle to become the healer in the king’s Sleepy Wood Company. Drained from years of waking soldiers from a cursed sleep, Myravelle must now choose a new canvas–a man whose life she drains with a dagger to fuel her healing powers. A ritual binds her to Byzarien Dumont, who loathes fairies for the fires that left his family impoverished and his body riddled with scars. His burning hatred causes Myravelle’s enchantments to wilt, leading the king to threaten her mother’s life. Byzarien can only see Myravelle as a beautiful spider who strings men along her web, while Myravelle considers love a weakness for the king to exploit. With their families in danger and soldiers rotting in a death-like sleep, the pair must learn to trust one another before the dark magic spinning in Myravelle’s soul unravels once and for all. The Wicked Fairy never asked to become a monster…

KC's Review ~

I'm all in for the villainess of the fairy tales and this one rocks! If you loved Maleficient you MUST READ this beautifully dark, twisted (but somehow still breathtakingly romantic) tale.


Now I am personally stoked about this one (mainly because I had the opportunity to read and edit the entire series and I'm so excited it's finally coming out! You are going to love the Queens of the Underworld series!


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One moment changes Death's perfect realm of the dead.

Imagine spending millennia without emotions. No love, hate, sorrow, pain, or any other emotion, just nothing.

That's the world of a Death Taker. Until one day when a nasty Keres demon threatens to make a deal with a dying man for his soul, A lowly Death Taker, Demise, does something unthinkable. She reaps Aiden's soul orb before it was ready. In her haste to save him, she killed him. Intense anger burst from his soul changing the death realm. For the first time ever, Demise feels real emotions.

Two powerful gods want Aiden destroyed. Death wants Demise's head. The other Death Takers sample Aiden's soul's power and turn against Demise. They want to steal him away for themselves to feel again. They would do anything to keep the new sensations and emotions alive, even fight against the Olympian gods.

Can Demise right her wrongs and return to the unfeeling reaper? Will she give up the only happiness she has ever known? Or will Zeus and Hades take their revenge on her?

KC's review ~ Now I am personally stoked about this one (mainly because I had the opportunity to read and edit the entire series and I'm so excited it's finally coming out!) You are going to love the Queens of the Underworld series! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! It's twisted fun at its best!


Happy Thanksgiving next week! I'll be busy cleaning and cooking and super excited that at least 2 of my 3 college kiddos will be home but missing the third terribly.