The Game's the Thing Afoot

May 2022 Story ClubThis Month's Short Story: The Vengeance BusinessLensa is trapped in a soul-destroying marriage to an abusive husband that can barely keep his car dealership afloat. Her life is something to be endured. One day she finds a demon shr...

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May 03, 2022
You can't stop the magic! Nobody can stop the magic!

Let's Talk about MagicOne of the things I like about fantasy is the magic. How it works, what it feels like to use and what you can do with it. There's a lot of debate in the fantasy-writing space about magic systems—some prefer mysterious and subtle...

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Apr 03, 2022
Would you give me your kingdom for this horse?

February 2022 Story ClubHey everyone, welcome to the February issue of Story Club. I'm (still) working on the first Vestige World novel. I'll give you some more concrete updates down the track.I hope you're enjoying these short stories set in that wo...

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Feb 26, 2022
How do you feel about elves?

January 2022 Story ClubIt's a new year, with lots of books to read and stories to write. Do you have any reading goals for the year?Free Short StoryA Thing for ElvesCareer or contentment?Having set aside her interest in working with elven culture to...

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Jan 29, 2022
Can you hear the bells?

Hi everyoneHoliday season! Wishing you a fantastic and safe period, with lots of great reads. I’ll be on a nice break up the northern coast when you read this–three cheers for automatic scheduling.This month’s Vestige World free short story is holida...

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Dec 28, 2021