How do you feel about elves?

Jan 29, 2022 1:51 am


January 2022 Story Club

It's a new year, with lots of books to read and stories to write. Do you have any reading goals for the year?

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A Thing for Elves

Career or contentment?

Having set aside her interest in working with elven culture to please her mother, Ilda is focused on achieving her life goals: six-figure salary, wealthy husband and house in the suburbs.

But when she starts dating a charming but unambitious half-elf at work, her future plans are thrown into turmoil.

Ilda has to figure out what she really wants in life, before true happiness slips from her grasp forever… 

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The Widow of Alabaster Point

After a bad breakup, Gina decides to spend a weekend doing what she loved before she met Tim--read books and eat pasta. After snagging a creepy-looking book from a used bookstore, she brings it home and finds out the hard way exactly why the book was shelved in the horror section.

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Dirty Magic

It’s a lawless place, with bodies piled on the street. Rekia is known for relocating people on the run for their lives. She hides them in different universes where their pursuers can’t find them.

When one of her clients goes missing, Rekia and her boyfriend Trent enter a dangerous world where nothing is as it appears. The two have never backed down from a fight. Rekia’s intent on saving her client’s life, even if it means losing her own in the process. 


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New Year, New Worlds

New Year, New Worlds: Fantasy & Sci-Fi to kick off 2022!

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