Can you hear the bells?

Dec 28, 2021 1:11 pm

Hi everyone

Holiday season! Wishing you a fantastic and safe period, with lots of great reads. I’ll be on a nice break up the northern coast when you read this–three cheers for automatic scheduling.

This month’s Vestige World free short story is holiday themed:

Bells at Winterdark

Nephilim, the appointed servants of the angels, exist to make the world a better place. But Ozariel has been suspended from active duty, unable to summon his wings or holy sword. To get reinstated, Oz has to work with the incurable romantic, Art, and arrange for two unsuspecting mortals to fall in love. But will Art’s encyclopaedic knowledge of romantic movies prove an advantage or a hindrance? And can they do this in a space of a week? Otherwise, Oz will never fly again…


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Still enjoying Wheel of Time, and I just finished Carnival Row. That was good; hoping that it gets a second season. 

Reading-wise, I’ve just completed TJ Klune’s ‘Under the Whispering Door’. I have mixed feelings about it. One hand, it’s a powerful exploration of death and how we react to this. However, I’m not connecting with the main character which has dampened my enthusiasm for the other excellent parts of the book.

I’ve put the full review on my blog...

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Tinsel Cat

The Prince of Darkness is ready for the holidays.



These books look exciting.

Souls Untethered


Current 99 cents USD on Kindle!

Check it out!

She'll do whatever it takes to find her mom—even if it means embracing her new ability and making a deal with a boy she's not sure she can trust.


Lali Yavari's life has gone off the rails. After her mother's recent disappearance, the distraught teenager's one wish for her sweet sixteen is for her family to be whole again. But her dreams change to nightmares when her longing leads to a run-in with a scary stranger and an uncontrolled out-of-body experience.

Desperate to believe the eerie events were a simple hallucination, Lali is shocked when a secretive schoolmate tells her she's astral projecting. And when he offers to help find her mother in exchange for a loan of her unique skills, the determined young woman accepts... and plunges into a hidden realm full of unimaginable danger.

Will her ethereal abilities bring Lali the reunion she craves, or leave her trapped in a dark world she can't escape?

No Regrets


This looks interesting!


I used to be a hero. Then I grew up.

I’m Kieran Thorne, the world’s only living half-fae. The gig comes with a few perks—immortality, magic I can’t control, fae assassins constantly on my heels. And the chance to protect the good and the powerless against those who are neither.

For hundreds of years, that’s what I did. Until I got tired of the humans I saved repaying me by burning me at the stake or shooting me in the heart. I traded in my white hat for a mansion on the beach, and started living by a new creed: look out for myself, and let the humans solve their own problems.

But now Winter fae are going missing, and someone has planted a trail of evidence leading right to my door. I have two choices: let Queen Mab’s feral enforcer carve me to bits, or help her find the real culprit.

Looks like I’m back in the hero business. But this time, I’ll remember the lesson it cost me so much to learn:

There are no good people in this world, and no righteous causes. Humanity is corrupt. The fae are cruel and vicious. Me? I’m a little of both.

December Urban Fantasy Freebies

Free urban fantasy books! Wow! Take a look at them all. 


Bring on the free books!