Would you give me your kingdom for this horse?

Feb 26, 2022 1:01 pm


February 2022 Story Club

Hey everyone, welcome to the February issue of Story Club. I'm (still) working on the first Vestige World novel. I'll give you some more concrete updates down the track.

I hope you're enjoying these short stories set in that world. If I do a longer piece, would prefer to wait until it's complete, or would you rather part one in one newsletter issue (with a gripping cliffhanger!) and part two with the next?

Let me know.

Free Short Story

This month, we're visiting the world of the fae.


A kingdom for my horse

The King's Horse

What would you do for power?

If you want occult power, you need to bargain for it. Of all the potential patrons, the fae are the most beautiful and alluring. They offer glamor, immortality and prestige.

A woman deals with a power broker to enter the fae realm. She'll pay any price. But the gathered lords and ladies are whimsical, distant and mercurial. If the she fails to impress, she'll pay the ultimate price...

Survey Results!

I did a survey last month asking about what sort of paperback size people prefer. Most of you prefer ebooks, but for those that did, 5.5" x 8.5" was the preferred size.

Inscrutable Cat

I'm not sure whether the Prince of Darkness is being inscrutable or just pulling a silly face.



Between a Witch and a Hard Place

Twelve years ago, my mother, a powerful chaos witch, walked out on me and my twin brother without a backward glance. We didn't hear another word out of her until a vampire walked into my brother Nick's bar wanting me to track her down. She'd disappeared into thin air, and he insisted that I was the only one who could find her.

Of course, I refused. How could I not? Disappearing was Mom's wheelhouse, and after she'd disappeared on us, I never wanted to see her again.


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Bedlam in Bethlehem Box Set 1-4

Clarissa Tempest will do anything to keep Bethlehem safe from thugs, goons, criminals... Vamps? Werewolves? Sirens? Djinn? Yeah, she won't back down no matter what the threat is.


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Death Shifts Gears

A friend in danger. A spirited car in trouble. And a world that needs them to get along to survive.

While EMT Abbie Grimshaw tries to prove that she can be a good guardian for two kids, a shape-shifter friend begs her to solve his sister's inexplicable killing. Leaving the routine murder case to the police, Abbie agrees to take a peek into the supernatural investigative angles of the crime.

When clues lead to a magical intervention that could change her world in unhealthy ways, Abbie fears all she's done is lead her friends to danger and risked losing her kids for good.

If you enjoy magical tales with a fairy tale flavor, you'll love discovering this new face on the Grimm scene.

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