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Nov 28, 2021 4:39 pm


Hi Story Club,

I hope everyone’s had a great holiday (if you had one) or at least snagged some exciting deals online. 

New Short Story: ‘Before Midnight’

I’ve got a new, free short story for you in my ‘Vestige World’ urban fantasy setting. Be careful of elevators…


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So, Wheel of Time. Anyone watch the series? This was one of my favourite book series growing up and I’m really enjoying the episodes I’ve seen so far on Amazon TV. The first episode was a bit choppy, but episode four was amazing. Nynaeve is shaping up to be my favorite character at the moment. I’m looking forward to see how it unfolds.

Bobble Cat

The Prince of Darkness has been clipped for the Australian summer, and isn’t too happy about it.



Here are some great free reads.

The Codex of Mechanical Dreams


When Serena arrives at the Emendatorium, she only aims to survive. But keeping her mouth closed and her curiosity at bay has never come easily for her.

In this correctional facility for the children of traitors, the wardens watch and wait for Serena to make a mistake. Mythomechanical machines monitor her, regulate her life, and tempt her to discover their secrets. The other inmates all have secrets of their own, and any one of them could be a crucial ally—or a deadly liability.

Most important of all, Serena must safeguard her Codex, a piece of mythomechanical machinery that holds most of her memories. Without it, she would lose her connection to magic—and her very identity.

But when a mysterious woman named Angel contacts Serena, she begins to wonder how reliable her memory really is.

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Full Swing Fall Genre-Bending Fantasy Giveaway

Wow, so many free books!


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