Spring has sprung...

Sep 20, 2021 2:57 am


Hi everyone. It’s September which means spring, flowers and hayfever.

Writing-wise, I’m plugging away on my next release, which is my Halloween novella, Final Night. Getting close to the finishing line on this; it had a really thorough development edit, so I’m polishing off the last of the rewrites, then it’s off for copyediting.

I’ve completed a book review for my blog. This one is looking at Emma Bull’s ‘War of the Oaks’, one of the foundational books of the modern urban fantasy genre.

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And on TV, I’m enjoying Carnival Row. Got one episode left (hopefully it won’t end on a cliffhanger.)

That’s it! A short author newsletter. I’ve even put more zing in it than last time—what do you think? (Do you prefer text-only newsletters or lots of pictures and jazz?)

Also, here is a warning for you all; never leave your clean laundry basket unattended, otherwise it could be claimed by the Prince of Darkness, who at the moment is more fluff than cat. I pull out handfuls of fluff with the comb, and it never ends…