[HCH] Let's Learn to Communicate Better!

Hello lovely ladies,It's so FREEZING cold outside, and it's so slick... you'll slide a mile away with one step! No need for ice skates! LOL Anyway, if your area is icy, please do take extra caution.Our little dog, Zoey, seems to have a bad cold,...

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Feb 10, 2021
[HCH] Chatting About Health, Journal Jots, Tidy Tips

Hello lovely ladies,What's for supper / dinner at your house? I have white chicken chili in the crockpot. It's a grain-free / dairy-free recipe as I'm sort of working on detoxing my body this week.As you get older, you'll find that you become mo...

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Jan 27, 2021
[HCH] JOY is the result of...

Hello lovely ladies,I have not spent a whole lot of time on social media today, but still feel like it was too much.There's sadness...worry...fear...mockery...and more.I wrote in my journal back in June of 2018, "JOY is the result of trusting the LOR...

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Jan 20, 2021
[HCH] Birthday Chat, Goals, Habits, Journal Tidbits

Hello lovely ladies,Another week has flown by already! Don't blink! January seems to be moving forward at a swift pace.I turned 53 last Saturday. I had such a wonderful day and felt loved. Lots of birthday wishes by my family and friends. &...

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Jan 06, 2021
[HCH] Bookmark or Print New Bible Reading Planner 2021

Hello,The new Bible reading planner is ready to roll! (At least January and February are done!) IF You're NEW to Bible Reading DailyPlease try building a simple habit first. Try just reading the few verses of Psalms and Proverbs each day. Make it a...

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Dec 31, 2020
[HCH] Here's 10 L's to motivate you for 2021

Hello lovely ladies,I'm excited for the new year ahead. It might turn out much more difficult than 2020 -- but you know what? God is still in control, and He is still on the throne!God is good ALL the time...and if you can't see those DAILY bles...

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Dec 30, 2020