Oestrogen Dominance - How it's causing you harm

Oestrogen dominance has become a real problem in our society.Excess oestrogen comes from the most surprising of places, plastics, skin care, even fragranced products. It's so prolific, that we are all exposed, no matter how conscious we are around t...

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Nov 12, 2023
The Castor Oil Come Back

Some of you may or may not have heard of Barbara O'Neill. A wonderful Australian lady, who has been studying and sharing herbal remedies for around 30 years.Although wikipedia would have you believe differently, these remedies that Barbara shares ar...

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Sep 16, 2023
EMF Impact on Children

In today's world, more than ever, we have so many more concerns when it comes to raising our children. As much as possible I avoid giving my children processed food (not all the time but we try to find balance). I have removed my children from the...

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Aug 02, 2023
The Power of the Heart, Mind, Body Connection

I have always been fascinated by our inner power and how it can be directed to create, manifest and heal.Whilst I don't really want to get into religious debate, I am a great believer in a consciousness greater than our own. You may wish to refer to...

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Mar 21, 2023
The Healing Power of Terahertz Frequencies

Around a year ago my social feeds starting including posts from excited people about a Terahertz wand. As always I do greet all new seemingly miraculous devices with a healthy dose of sceptacism.I bought one anyway, because I do love a good frequenc...

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Mar 07, 2023
Seed & Vegetable Oil - The Real Snake Oil!

If there was one thing I would say to drop from your diet immediately, it would be seed & vegetable oil.I'll get into the why's shortly, but it is shocking to see how these oils are in so many "health" foods, and people are unknowingly consuming...

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Mar 03, 2023
DMSO - The Miracle Healer?

DMSO - A Life Saver (Literally)In 2020 I made a decision to become 100% responsible for the health of myself and my family. As such I started researching some of the most potent healing substances that have literally been hidden from us, and one of...

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Feb 16, 2023
Healing Blood Clotting, Heart Attacks and Myocarditis

A rather unsurprising but direct correlation in blood and heart issues has arisen from those who took the covid vaccine.  Those of the covid cult will carry on and insist that it is a mere coincidence....  A rather shocking coincidence that is rising...

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May 15, 2022