ON THE BLOG: Eastern Red Cedar Tree

Greetings,I hope this email finds you well over this Thanksgiving holiday weekend! We have been enjoying some time with family and Joe's been enjoying some bird watching observing Cedar Waxwings.We wanted to share with you today a tree that hosts ove...

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Nov 25, 2023
ON THE BLOG: American Persimmon...native fruit tree

Greetings,Today we are sharing with you another native fruit tree to take a look at. This one should be coming into season shortly. American Persimmons typically ripen after a hard frost. If not ripe, it will instantly make your face pucker and your...

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Nov 18, 2023
NEW VIDEO: Aromatic Aster

Greetings,Recently, we shared our guide on Aromatic Aster and so many people loved learning more about it! As native plant gardeners, we are always looking to expand our gardens with more plants that bloom at various points in the season. This plant...

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Nov 11, 2023
ON THE BLOG: Complete Guide to Fall Garden Cleanup

Greetings,Happy November! We've been busy in our gardens this past week as we prepared for our first frosts this week. Harvesting vegetables, collecting leaves from neighbors, & planting in new garden areas in the yard. Today, we wanted to share...

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Nov 04, 2023
How Plant Roots Work

Roots are the portion of a plant that interface with the ground. They perform three primary functions, anchoring the plant, absorbing water/nutrients/minerals, and also act as storage of energy for

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Dec 15, 2022
Jack-In-The-Pulpit, A Complete Guide

One of the most interesting native flowers North America has to offer is commonly known as Jack-In-The-Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum). Typically found in woodland settings, the curious flower structure resembles something

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Dec 13, 2022
The Ultimate Guide To Pruning Tools

With the arrival of Fall also comes some new chores. A typical Fall garden clean up will often include various tasks such as breaking down the vegetable garden, cutting back

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Oct 29, 2022