NEW ON BLOG: 10 Native Plant W/ Curb Appeal

Greetings,Raise your hand if you are watching lots of green bursting forth in your gardens, with a side of impatience because you are so excited for all the color and life to come!? Some of our early Spring bloomers are done and there is so much more...

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May 14, 2022
10 Native Plants With Curb Appeal

Whether you are new to gardening with native plants or an experienced native plant gardener, the desire to maintain ones house frontage with a certain level of curb appeal is

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May 13, 2022
Blue False Indigo

Greetings!Hello on this last day of is that possible!? Hope you are busy & enjoying some native Spring blooms in your gardens! And, hope you are having fun with the never ending gardening projects! Gardens are never done, are they?! A...

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Apr 30, 2022
NEW VIDEO: How To Fix Low Spots in Lawn

Greetings!Today Joe is launching a new gardening tip video on our Youtube Channel. If you have ever found yourself with low spots in your lawn, this technique will come in very handy!For us, we found ourselves with some low spots a year or so after r...

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Apr 09, 2022
Spring Beauty...early Spring ephemeral

Greetings,Hard to believe we have arrived to the fourth month of 2022 already! The cool...well down right cold weather has lingered in our area in PA this past week with lows down in the 20's a few nights this past week. But...there continue to be mo...

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Apr 02, 2022
How to Separate Seedlings

Just about every gardener who has grown plants from seed will encounter an ‘over-sown’ pot. The question then becomes, how can I separate these little seedlings without killing them? Well,

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Mar 11, 2022