I know I just did a movie review last week, but the eclipse approaches for some (not me), and Ladyhawke is available to stream for free on tubi. It's as if the planets have aligned. So, it's a sword and sorcery movie from the 80s for the wi...

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Apr 08, 2024
Head (1968)

 The movie review is further down. First, in the good news/bad news of the week, one of my short stories--a special favorite of one of my Skirmish Team beta readers--was rejected by an editor. That's the bad news. A different story, was acce...

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Apr 01, 2024
British Invasion of Quebec pt. 1

 Fun Fact:General Wolfe is in the middleAfter the campaigning of 1758, Brigadier James Wolfe believed he had a Ticket to Ride and returned to England of his own volition, much to the surprise of William Pitt who had sent orders for Wolfe to...

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Mar 25, 2024
Alexander R Davis

 Interview with Alexander R DavisAuthor ofOmeron: The Hero’s Chronicle, and morePlease tell me a little about your current work in progress.          &nbsp...

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Mar 18, 2024

 I see that Prime has a new Marlowe movie out. I chose to watch the 1969 movie of the same title directed by Paul Bogart, written by Raymond Chandler and Stirling Silliphant, starring James Garner, Gayle Hunnicutt, Carroll O'Connor, and Rita...

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Mar 11, 2024
Of Parties and Pencils - British Arms Ascendant

 Fun Fact:Abercromby had his brief and ill-fated Iliad at Carillon in 1758. General Amherst was set to make another attempt at it in 1759. After beginning construction on Fort George--to replace Fort William Henry--Amherst had assembled 10,0...

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Mar 04, 2024
Movie Review - Our Man in Havana

Throw together Alec Guinness, Maureen O'Hara, Burl Ives, Ernie Kovacs, Ralph Richardson, and assorted other actors into a pot of Batista Era Havana, Cuba, stir in the Cold War arms race, add a household appliance, and simmer on low heat in black and...

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Feb 26, 2024

 First, I've got a flash fiction contest going for my newsletter subscribers. Go get signed up. Here are the contest terms:  Flash Fiction Contest: Submit a story of 500 words or less. The story must include a pool table O...

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Feb 19, 2024
Ground Zero at the Imbroglio

 The gif above fails to convey the magnitude of the epic catastrophe that is the inspiration for the drivel below. Behold the tale of ravage and ruin, desolation and disruption. Look upon these works, ye mighty, and despair: The old theater...

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Feb 12, 2024
Mind Blown at Niagara

 Fun Fact:After arriving with several regiments in Boston in September 1758, Major General Amherst marched to Abercromby's camp at Fort Edward to find the force there in no condition to mount a winter strike against Ticonderoga. The Major Ge...

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Feb 05, 2024