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Sep 17, 2021 1:11 pm

imageHi -

Life has been pretty hectic recently. I finished one job, was a keynote speaker at the Logan Writers Festival (thanks Rhiannon!), and started another job. Whew!

And so, I've been thinking. About words.

Specifically about words that sound like the opposite of what they are. A reverse onomatopoeia if you will.

The first word is Bucolic

What it sounds like: a disgusting disease! Pus filled sores and cranky guts!

What it is: a word describing a beautiful meadow with frolicking lambs and buttercups.

The next word is Pink

What it sounds like: a bad smell that stabs you.

What it is: a pleasant and popular colour midway between red and white.

And how about Moist

What is sounds like: an unpleasant state of being.

What it is: a pleasant state of being – sometimes.

Did I miss any? Do you know of any other reverse onomatopoeia words?

Do tell me.

Regards and apologies,

Felix Long

Author of 'The Untied Kingdom', 'To Conquer Heaven', 'Sophrosyne' and the upcoming 'Habnab' - first book of the upcoming urban fantasy trilogy Fae DNA.

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