Happiness for Humans

If an Artificial Intelligence became sentient, what would it do? Plot world domination by blackmailing nuclear armed states with access... Read Article →

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Oct 07, 2020
Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning is one of my favourite things. A collection of short stories written by one of my favourite authors.... Read Article →

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Sep 26, 2020
La Belle Epoque

A tight set of tableaux to enact a fantasy or to relive a memory. The premise of La Belle Epoque... Read Article →

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Sep 18, 2020
The Good People

In my current attempts to find an agent for Habnab I keep running up against the same request – list... Read Article →

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Aug 16, 2020
Timely warning to writers

Don’t neglect the daily walk. I recently got out to see the film Shirley, a fictional biopic of writer Shirley... Read Article →

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Jul 23, 2020
What is family?

How ironic to be reading a story about a child from a leper colony during the COVID lockdown. What impressed... Read Article →

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Jul 05, 2020