A New Year and a New Promotion for You

Jan 06, 2022 3:01 pm

Hello, and welcome to a brand new year! I’m starting off 2022 with a great BookFunnel promotion for you. This group of writers is offering free ebooks, or excerpts, until Jan. 31. Subgenres include cozies, amateur sleuth, and thriller novels, and possible more, which you can check out HERE:


A commonly asked question about my series, is how my protagonist Casey Holland came to be. The answer is that back in my secretarial days in the mid 1980’s, I had temporary job in the typing pool for the BC Transit bus company (now known as TransLink). A young woman walked in, wearing a black leather mini skirt, and jean jacket. I later learned she was an undercover officer for the buses.

I thought that was a cool job for a mystery series protagonist. She’d encounter a variety of situations and people, and crime, of course. Years later, I was telling this story to a local group of people, and it turned out that someone in the audience knew that same young woman back in the day. It really is a small world, isn’t it?

To view the entire Casey Holland series on a single page, visit the amazon.com link HERE:

I’ll have another great promotion discount to tell you about later this month for my third Casey Holland mystery, Beneath the Bleak New Moon.

Until then, happy reading!




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