New Mystery Deals and Rethinking My Newsletters

Jan 20, 2024 4:25 pm

I hope 2024 is off to a good start for you. I’ve had a few bumps in the road: frozen hot water pipes, a slowly dying refrigerator, and a cancelled vacation next month so we can be here for my sister’s unexpected surgery. She was scheduled to fly to Mexico with us, but that’s life, right?

But on a high note, there are still four days left to take advantage of the free ebooks in the Mystery/Thriller Giveaway, which you can find HERE.

imageAs promised in my last newsletter, the 5th installment in my Casey Holland mystery series is on sale for $.99 for the next month in BookFunnel’s Mystery/Thriller/Suspense series, which you can find HERE. Some of the participating authors will be selling their entire series, others a single book for you to try. Here’s a little bit about Knock Knock:

When a home invasion kills senior Elsie Englehart, security officer Casey Holland is devastated. She’s supposed to be watching over elderly bus riders in an area frequently targeted by thugs. Determined to keep others safe, Casey escorts a senior to his home, only to come under attack by an armed intruder. Hospitalized and angry, Casey struggles to regain control of her life, despite interference from family and colleagues, and the postponement of her wedding. Yet another home invasion compels Casey to take action, but at what cost to her health and her relationships?

I’ve been thinking about adding a bit more to this newsletter by sharing great books and favourite authors with you. I enjoy a variety of genres, so I’m tempted not to restrict recommendations to mysteries only. As some of you know, I also write urban fantasy and paranormal mysteries, which will be published at some point. It all depends on how quickly I can produce a polished manuscript.

Please let me know if there are other things you’d like to see in the newsletter. More excerpts? Photos? Updates on my works in progress? Direct sales links to various platforms? I’m happy to serve.

Meanwhile, I’d like to tell you about one of my favourite mystery authors. Estelle Ryan writes the Genevieve Lenard series. I’ve read only a couple so far and love her books. Genevieve is a high-functioning autistic insurance investigator specializing in the world of art, which is why all the titles in this series reference an artist. Set in Paris, these are intelligent reads with terrific characters. I’ll attach a link to her website HERE, so you can learn more. As I don’t want to make this newsletter too lengthy, I’ll stop here, but will be back next month for more news and authors to share.

Happy reading!

Debra Purdy Kong

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