Fun Facts and Summer Giveaways

Jun 02, 2021 8:19 pm


Welcome to my June newsletter! If you’ve received this email, that’s great, but if you sometimes find my newsletter landing in your junk and spam mailboxes, please add me to your contacts list or email address book. If you need help with that contact me, and I’ll try to assist.

Some of my favorite newsletters include something about the author or their writing process. So, I thought I’d share a fun fact about me. After earning a college diploma in criminology, I wanted nothing to do with a career in corrections, law enforcement, or probation. So, I sold my car, travelled through Europe, then settled in London to work as a secretary for a small firm of solicitors. That’s when I realized I wanted to be a writer. Why, you ask? Well, that’s another story.

Now for the goodies… BookFunnel is again offering a great roster of free ebooks you can load up on for the summer. With 63 participants, many offering more than one book, there are plenty of new titles to find at

A big thank you to those who purchased Casey Holland mystery #2, Deadly Accusations, on sale last month. This month, I’m offering book #3, Beneath the Bleak New Moon for $1.99. The focus of this story is on street racing, which has been a scourge in Vancouver and other major cities for years. While researching the book, I learned that both legal and illegal street racing is a billion-dollar business. So, I took it to the next step in my story. You can find it at:

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Until next time, happy reading!


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