The End of Summer and My First Podcast

Sep 04, 2021 7:48 pm


It’s been an eventful summer, hasn’t it? Here in British Columbia, the province has dealt with, and is still dealing with, over 200 forest fires. We’ve also experienced heat domes and toxic air that kept us inside, but there are far worse situations all over the world. I count my blessings, and send thoughts and prayers to those who are enduring so much right now.

Last week, I was interviewed by fellow crime writer and podcaster extraordinaire, Joanna Vander Vlugt. This was my first podcast, and Joanna made me feel welcome and comfortable. We talked about a range of things, shared some stories, and discussed the 4th book in my Casey Holland series, The Deep End, as this is the book that draws on my personal experience the most.

While studying criminology many years ago, I volunteered at a youth detention center, and some of those memories have stayed with me. You’ll see why in the Joanna’s podcast at


Links to The Deep End can be found here:


Other platforms, including, Kobo Apple, Barnes & Noble can be found at:

Now, bring on autumn, and happy reading!


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