Celebrating Autumn with Great New Deals!

Oct 03, 2021 1:01 pm


Now that daylight’s fading and the rain’s returned here in British Columbia’s lower mainland, I’m stocking up on my reading material by way of a cool sales promotion. I and 60 other authors are offering our mysteries and thrillers at greatly reduced prices! To browse them all, please check out this link: https://books.bookfunnel.com/pka-crime-thriller-sale/sk63csah1i

Two of my Casey Holland mysteries, Knock Knock (#5) and The Blade Man (#6) are on the roster at $.99 each!


When a home invasion kills senior Elsie Englehart, security officer Casey Holland is devastated. She’s supposed to be watching over elderly bus riders in an affluent, high-risk area that’s been targeted by a group of thugs.


Determined to keep others safe, Casey escorts an elderly man home, but an armed intruder attacks them both. Hospitalized and angry, Casey struggles to regain control of her life, despite interference from family and colleagues—and the postponement of her long-awaited wedding. Yet another home invasion compels Casey to take action, but at what cost to her health and her relationships?


Who is the Blade Man and why has this mysterious loner been attacking Mainland Public Transport bus drivers? And who is trying to burn MPT down? The company’s president orders security officer Casey Holland to launch an internal investigation or face termination. Convinced she’s being set up to fail and with her wedding only weeks away, Casey desperately needs answers. Forced to take deeper risks, how far can Casey go before someone dies?

Casey Holland mystery #7 is coming along nicely and will be released next year. Stayed tuned for more info, and happy reading!





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