Sept. Freebies and A Gold Satin Murder is Almost Here!

Sep 01, 2022 2:32 pm

imageThe launch date for Casey Holland #7, A Gold Satin Murder (a novella) is one week from today, on Thursday, Sept 8th !

For a relatively short book, it’s been a long six-year journey to publication as there were many professional and personal obstacles along the way. Some of the obstacles were self-imposed, others were not, but that’s a writer’s life.

I’m also taking part in another crime fiction giveaway this month, which you can find HERE. This BookFunnel event will give you access to over 55 free ebooks, so please take advantage and enjoy!

Here are ordering links for A Gold Satin Murder, which sells for only $1.99 (US and Cdn.)

Kobo Canada:

Kobo U.S.

Apple books:

Barnes & Noble:


Google Play:

I’ll post again on launch day, or what I’m calling celebration day!



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