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Mar 12, 2021 5:06 pm


BMW Landβ”‚Issue #17

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Spy Photos

BMW M3 Touring Prototype Caught Playing In The Snow

Photographers captured the BMW M3 Touring testing in snowy conditions, sporting most of the same basic design elements as the sedan. Rumor has it that the BMW M3 Touring will only be available in an all-wheel-drive configuration with an eight-speed automatic, unlike the standard M3 that gets rear-drive and a six-speed manual out of the box.

G15 BMW 8 Series Coupe LCI Seen Testing

G15 BMW 8 Series coupe has been sighted by spy photographers in Germany, which the example sighted here wearing camouflage foil at its front and rear ends, denoting where the exterior changes to the bodywork will be. Changes can be expected to be applied to the grille and headlamps, along with a new front bumper taking care of the restyling at the front end of the car.


Drag Races

Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs. BMW M3

In episode six of the TFLcar video series Hellcat VS., Roman Mica and Paul Gerrard set out to drag race the Dodge Challenger Hellcat versus a BMW M3 and a 392 HEMI Challenger. The event took place at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado, a mile above the sea.



Video: Doug DeMuro Offers His Thoughts On The New BMW M3

Doug DeMuro couldn't miss out on the launch of a new M car and he put together a clip in his usual style about the sedan. Not even five minutes into the video, Doug digs into the main focus point for many people and potential customers: the grilles. In terms of exterior design, that's basically the only downside of the new M3. Other than that, the car looks good from any angle.

Video: CarWow Tests The 0-60 Time Of The New M4 Competition

The arrival of the new M3 and M4 models worldwide couldn't be overlooked by one of the largest car channels on Youtube. The guys from CarWow are also here with their take on the new M4 Competition and Mat did a great job at putting together a real-life review of the model, not just taking it to the track.

VIDEO: Chris Harris Drives The New BMW M3

In this new video for Top Gear, Harris drives the BMW M3 around Castle Comb Circuit, to see if it's better than the old car. There's no question - the old F80 M3 is the better looking car. Surprisingly, Harris' biggest issues with the new G80 M3 aren't with its grille but the rest of the car and he makes some good points.

Video: Joe Achilles Reviews The 2021 BMW 128ti

The BMW 128ti seems to be the Bavarian brand's answer to a question nobody asked, positioned against the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Joe Achilles already got to drive one and he has some insight into how it handles itself. His tester came with a passive suspension setup and while you might be tempted to brush off the possibility of having a 128ti without active dampers aside, according to Joe, it did its job brilliantly and you could really save some money by going down this route.



Classic BMW 8 Series Sporting An E39 M5 Engine

Miami-based Renner Projekts has given the original 8 Series the power it deserves. The original 8 Series was itself a relatively large and heavy grand tourer, rather than a nimble sports car like its contemporary E36 M3, so the new model probably shouldn't have been much of a surprise.

How the New BMW M3 and M4 Look Next to Their Predecessors

In this specific new video, we get to see the new BMW M3 and M4 on track, alongside many of its predecessors and it gives us an interesting opportunity to compare their styling but also to ponder how they’ve changed over the years. Without question, the new BMW M3 and M4 are absolutely enormous compared to their ancestors. Even cars like the E92 M3 and E46 M3 are genuine featherweights by comparison, so forget about comparing the new cars to the original E30 M3. However, what’s shocking is just how far from the original recipe the M3 has become.

New-Generation BMW IDrive 8 To Be Officially Presented On March 15, 2021

The official premiere for the new BMW iDrive infotainment architecture will take place next Monday via an online presentation organized on the streaming platform of BMW Group. The successor to the current BMW Operating System 7.0, which was introduced in 2018, will likely return the proper 'iDrive' monicker, also joined by the '8' particle to highlight the new generation.

VIDEO: All Of The Tech Details You Need To Know About The BMW M3

This new video from BMW M breaks down all you need to know about the new car. M3 customers, for the first time ever, will have the choice between a rear-wheel drive car or all-wheel drive. BMW expects the M3 Competition with xDrive to be the most popular version of the car.

Was The Bangle Era The Best Era Of BMW Design?

The Bangle era was an interesting one for BMW, as there were quite a few cars developed under Bangle's eye that were beloved even on first sight but there were others that were so heavily criticized that fans were going after specific designers by name.

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