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Sep 17, 2021 3:06 pm


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BMW Landβ”‚Issue #44

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Spy Photos

BMW M4 CSL Spy Photos

As expected, there's a new, higher-performance version of the most recent BMW M4 - you know, the one with the schnoz - on the way, and it's packing an even more ostentatious version of the oversized kidneys that BMW has featured for decades.

BMW 3 Series Facelift 

Another day, another new BMW prototype has been spotted out in the wild. The design of the air intakes on the lower front bumper will probably change and the grille could be tweaked. Don't worry though, the updated 3 Series won't be getting the big grille treatment like its M3 sibling. At the back, the taillights will also be redesigned to freshen up the styling.

Next-Gen BMW X1 Spied

We know another generation of X1 is on the way, with this current car reaching the end of its life cycle. With the success of the current car, it’s no surprise that BMW is developing a new one. Even more interesting, though, is that BMW might also develop a proper M Division variant of the X1.

Spied! Next BMW 8-Series

In the grand scheme of things, the current BMW 8-Series isn’t that old, having shown up with all its two-door swagger in 2018. But time waits for no brand, leading Munich to facelift its big brute for the 2023 model. The best news? It looks like it will not be wearing the gawping new grille which has shown up on other refreshed Bimmers.


Drag Races

Video: BMW M4 Takes On Shelby GT350 On The Drag Strip

It was probably a coincidence, as a number of publications/channels had access to both cars at the same time. We've seen the new M car from BMW take on the Mach 1 and the results weren't exactly surprising. While the M4 is a rather run of the mill car you can simply buy whenever you feel like it, the Shelby is a special car.



Video: How Much Power Does A 152,000-Mile BMW E92 M3 Make?

The guys from Evolve automotive started a new project. This time, they decided to feature a high-mileage BMW E92 M3. After all, this car has no less than 152,000 miles on the clock and high-revving, motorsport engines like the S65 under the hood are known to be tricky after a certain mileage number

Video: Here's A BMW IX Parking And Going To The Car Wash By Itself

One of them was the advanced driving aids that would put BMW on the map in this regard. We were supposed to get Level 3 autonomous functions on the iX and yet, over the last few months we heard nothing of them, as we're getting closer to the car's first deliveries.

Video: BMW M5 CS Gets The Straight Pipes Treatment

The guys from The Straight Pipes have taken it for a spin and, at this point, it feels predictable to say that they liked it. The guys focus more on the differences compared to a 'regular' M5 Competition, and they actually point out a lot of things.



VIDEO: A Close Look At The 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe And M240i XDrive

The all-new BMW 2 Series Coupe is going to be the last in a long line of small, front-engine coupes from BMW. After this current generation of 2 Series, small BMW coupes will be electric, leaving this old dinosaur behind.

UPDATE: There Won't Be A BMW X1 M

A few days ago, some spy photos surfaced of a next-gen BMW X1 test mule, fully wrapped in camouflage, sitting on a car carrier. Naturally, if there was a BMW X1 M on the way. According to sources at BMW, there absolutely is no X1 M in the works.

Video: Here's A Glimpse Into How The BMW IX Is Made

One of the most important things BMW highlights about its upcoming iX electric SUV is how sustainable it is throughout the production process, something that may have a huge impact on a number of levels later on. Even though the BMW iX uses second life materials, the overall process of making it is the same.

Inside BMW Group Classic β€” the BMW 750iL.

When you ask a BMW fan what the best 7 Series is of all time, you'll hear the E38 being the top answer more often than not. With its elegant, understated styling a stark contrast to everything after it, the third-generation 7 Series will be loved for many more years to come.

BMW X6 M Competition By Manhart

Tuning company Manhart has just the thing to transform your new BMW SUV coupe from something ordinary to a head-turning super SUV. Welcome to the Manhart MHX6 700 WB. Manhart updates the BMW X6 M's performance parts, its exterior, and finally the interior to create a unique SUV all its own.

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