🕵️BMW X8 spy photos, 📰 Never Dies BMW 7 Series Movie Car Shows Off Its Gadgets

Dec 11, 2020 5:06 pm


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Spy Photos

All-New BMW 2-Series Coupe Continues Testing, Expected To Launch Next Year

After making an appearance at the Nurburgring a few months ago, the new generation BMW 2-Series Coupe was recently taken close to the Arctic Circle in Northern Europe, where it had to face the sub-freezing temperatures. The prototype snapped by our spy photographers retained the heavy disguise, so there isn’t much to report on from a visual standpoint, other than this probably being a lesser variant of the car, considering that it has a single round exhaust pipe on the driver’s side.

BMW iX3 Spied Already Getting A Facelift

The iX3 made its official debut in January this year and is currently being tested by journalists around the globe. In BMW’s world though, it’s never too early for a refresh. What you see in the gallery below are spy photos of a lightly camouflaged iX3 prototype caught in a parking lot together with other BMW test vehicles.

BMW X8 spy photos

Bavaria's flagship SUV hits the road with big grilles, sloping roofline and X7 dimensions. Due to go on sale in 2022, the rumoured X8 – or, according to some insiders, XM – will sit above the current X7 as the flagship model in BMW's SUV range, reportedly positioned as a high-performance halo with a focus on driving dynamics.

BMW X1 plug-in hybrid revealed in new spy photos

The next-generation BMW X1 has been spotted yet again in prototype form, this time boasting decals that reveal its electrified underpinnings. In this case, it appears we're looking at a plug-in. Thanks to the extensive camouflage on these development vehicles, there aren't really any new clues as to BMW's styling direction for the next iteration of its baby crossover, but we can at least see that the X1's silhouette will be largely unchanged. 



VIDEO: BMW M2 CS vs Porsche Cayman GT4 — Best Pure Sports Cars

In this new video from Car Gurus, Dan Prosser put those very two sports cars head-to-head and we’re extremely jealous. The BMW M2 CS puts up a great fight but, predictably, it can’t take down the Porsche. That’s really not an indictment of the BMW but high praise for the GT4. Porsche’s hottest Cayman is quite possibly the finest driving machine on sale at the moment, with a sublime mid-engine chassis, a screaming naturally-aspirated flat-six engine and fantastic steering.

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Gives the Verdict on the Audi RS6 Avant vs BMW M5

Achilles recently spent a week in a BMW M5 Competition and then spent a week in the Audi RS6 Avant, without too much time in between. So he was able to draw an accurate comparison between the two cars and judge them properly. In his review, he’s only driving the RS6 but drawing comparisons between it and the M5 throughout, trying to determine which car is better.

Video: G-Power BMW M8 Bi-Turbo hops on dyno, shows incredible numbers

The guys from G-Power have come up with some incredible kits for the latest M models in BMW’s range. The BMW M8, for example, can get upgraded to create monster power figures, as is the case with the G8M Bi-Turbo, a car that is supposed to offer 770 horsepower, according to the German tuner. However, a trip down to the local dyno can show different numbers, as one would expect.

Road test review: BMW M8 Competition

This is the most expensive, cream of the crop BMW you can buy right now. The company don’t call it a supercar. BMW has said many times it isn’t interested in following up the M1 (at the moment), so the M8 is technically a grand tourer, while the Competition variant introduces more power and less weight, as well as other tweaks.


Drag Races

Video: BMW M340i drag races Stelvio QV and A45 AMG 

For BMW fans, the BMW M340i Touring seems a bit out of its league here, something that usually doesn't happen with the M340i, thanks to its immense performance. The BMW relies on a 3.0 liter straight-six engine developing from 374 horsepower in Europe to 382 horsepower in the US. This being shot in the UK, the BMW M340i in the video is the less powerful model.



Tomorrow Never Dies BMW 7 Series Movie Car Shows Off Its Gadgets

Featured in the video embedded on top is the BMW 7 Series that Agent 007 used in Tomorrow Never Dies, the 18th installation in the movie franchise that came out in 1997. The car can be driven by a stunt driver from the rear seats; four BMWs came with this feature, actually, which were used for the remote control or driverless scenes.

Take A Trip To M Town With BMW And Its Finest Creations

BMW M has released its latest ‘M Town’ commercial that features some of the company’s finest performance vehicles ever. The company says that M Town is the most successful digital campaign it has run for the M division and in this film, dubbed ‘The Drop’, the protagonist drives a red E30 M3 from the BMW M Heritage Fleet.

Here's What We Expect From The 2022 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe

Since the automotive community has so much variety to offer these days, folks at BMW decided to give the 4-series an extra set of doors. The 4-series was a market-driven idea from BMW when the community never really needed one since the 3-series coupe did its part pretty well. The 4-series wasn’t revolutionary but, the G22 generation garnered a lot more attention than the F32 it replaced. Who doesn’t remember the spy shots that shook the community when it showed the upcoming 4-series/ 3-series sporting a massive grille. 

The BMW M2 CS has taken the title of EVO Magazine Car of the year 2020.

The most enjoyable and rewarding M car to drive for quite some time. Potentially, a future classic. The original, powered by a tuned version of the N55 straight six, was a good car, a desirable car, but one that lacked the polish of the best creations from the M stable, particularly in the dynamics department. The car is no lighter than the Competition due to its increased technical content, but helping to offset that is a carbon fibre bonnet and roof, the former featuring a large vent to assist engine cooling and to reduce aerodynamic pressure at the front of the car.

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