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Apr 30, 2021 3:06 pm


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Spy Photos

Spy Photos: 2022 BMW M4 CS shows a more aggressive bodystyle

The next year BMW M celebrates its 50th birthday and the Motorsport brand is planning a series of anniversary models. M4 CS in hiding, a car our sources tell us will enter production in July 2022 and will be available in a very limited series. As in the past, BMW M will also bring additional performance to the M4 CS. Along with more power - in the form of at least 550 hp - we expect the CS to have a remapped ECU, improved limited slip differential and suspension tuning.

BMW X5 M Caught Previewing A Facelift In New Spy Photos

BMW is among them, and while the images of this X5 M look unremarkable, they do provide a glimpse into the SUV's near-future development. It appears similar to the one used in the BMW iX, stretching wide and curved to focus more attention towards the driver.

SPIED: More BMW 2 Series Coupe Spy Photos Show Handsome Grille

The new 2 Series seems to feature smoother, crisper lines than the current model, much like the new 4 Series Coupe. Aside from the grille, the 4 Series Coupe is a great looking car, so this is no bad thing. Overall, the new 2 Series seems a bit lower and sleeker than the current car, which makes it look a bit sportier.

2022 BMW X1 spotted testing at Nürburgring

The third-generation BMW X1 has been spied undergoing testing ahead of its expected launch some time in 2022. The 2022 BMW X1 will use a front-wheel drive platform, with performance variants more than likely to be fitted with all-wheel drive.


Drag Races

Watch The New BMW M4 Challenge An Old M4 And An M440i In A Drag Race

BMW's new M4 earned plenty of negative press when early images of the enormous front grille first hit the internet. Still, there's no doubt the new M4 serve as potent sprinters-and the recent news that BMW will add xDrive to the M3 and M4 lineups should only enhance the straight-line speeds. How does the new M4 in Competition trim compare head-to-head with the outgoing generation?



2021 BMW M760Li Uses V12 to Reach 189 MPH on the Autobahn

Can you believe BMW still makes the M760Li? This is not only a top contender in the German luxury limo class but also one of the last non-supercars powered by a V12 engine. German cars used to have some of the most advanced V12 engines in the world. The M760Li stopped getting attention after a while, but it's still in production, at least for now.

VIDEO: BMW M4 Competition vs BMW M2 CS — Mat Watson Review

In this new video from Mat Watson, we get to see both the BMW M2 CS and M4 Competition go head-to-head both on track and in a straight line. With Watson at the helm, he jumps in the M2 CS first to lap it around a track as fast as he can. Then, he gets in the M4 Competition and does the same, seeing if he can beat the lap time set in the M2. After that, he tests both cars in a straight line, measuring both their 0-60 mph times and their quarter mile runs.

Video: BMW X3 reviewed against Discovery Sport and Volvo XC60

The guys from Car Advice and Drive magazines in Australia, set out to find out which cars are the best in various segments, for this year. However, when deciding which car is the best in this segment, a number of other various factors has to be taken into account as well. Not everyone wants to do drag races from red lights every day and not everyone is looking for the best performance.

VIDEO: Doug DeMuro Checks Out the ALPINA XB7

In this new video from Doug DeMuro, we get to check the ALPINA XB7 up close and personal, to check out all of its little interesting features. To be honest, most of the interesting features seen in this video aren't really ALPINA XB7 features but, instead, BMW X7 features. After driving the XB7, it seems as if DeMuro agrees, as he seems to like the car quite a bit and claims it to be among the best three-row luxury SUVs on the market.

Video: BMW X5 M Competition takes on Audi RSQ8 and Macan Turbo

There’s no way the Porsche Macan Turbo compares to cars like the BMW X5 M Competition or the Audi RS Q8. And you’d be right. However, the guys from Car Advice and Drive magazine, in Australia, decided to compare these three, in the search for the best performance SUV.

Video: CarWow compares new S-Class against A8 and 7 Series

It’s time for the age-old German ultra-luxury sedan comparison. Which one should you get if you’re in the market for such a luxurious limousine? Should you go for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class? Should you instead go for the sportier 7 Series? Or maybe you should get a mix between the two, namely the Audi A8? Well, the answer to such questions has never been easy and the guys from Carwow set out to find out which one is better.



New BMW M2 Reportedly Not Coming Until 2023

A new report from BMW Blog wants to turn down those flames - the publication has learned the start date of the M2's production from its sources. According to the report, the next BMW M2, codenamed G87, will enter production by December 2022. This means that there will be a lengthy production gap between the two generations, with the F87 M2 ending its production this summer.

How "drift analyzer" works?

It's a pretty neat feature and although it won't turn you into Vaughn Gittin Jr. or Ken Block, it does let you make some adjustments and track your drift session.

Mike Renner - a BMW Driving instructor explains that the goal is to start from 10 and work your way down the line, until you can eventually turn the traction control off, in which case maintaining the drift will depend solely on your skill.

Manhart reveals tuned BMW M2

The BMW M2 Competition is one brutal tyke and even though we think it has the power it deserves, the folks at Manhart do not think so. The tuning firm has given the BMW M2 a power boost as well as bodybuilding supplements. Dubbed the MH2 500 Limited, the tuned M2’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre S55 inline-six engine has been massaged to deliver 386 kW and 700 Nm of torque. 

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