🚗BMW iX Battles X7 M50i In Drag Race

Mar 04, 2022 11:06 am



BMW Land Issue #68

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Spy Photos

2023 BMW i5 Seen Testing in Full Camo


With the upcoming release of the BMW 7 Series, there is a lot of talk about the BMW i7 right now. The i7 will be a hugely important car for BMW, serving as the company's technological, luxury, and electric flagship. That's a lot to ask of a single vehicle.

BMW X6 LCI Facelift Spotted Testing in Snow


Despite being a few years old, this current-generation BMW X6 still appears new. The X6 isn't a car you see every day unless you live in Beverly Hills, so seeing one on the road is always exciting.

2023 BMW 5 Series (G60) Seen Testing in Heavy Camouflage


This year's G60 BMW 5 Series will be crucial for the brand's future. The 5 Series is not only one of BMW's best-selling vehicles, but it is also the first iteration of the 5er to have an all-electric alternative, the BMW i5.


Drag Races

BMW iX Battles X7 M50i In Drag Race That Pits The Past Against The Future -


BMW, like other automakers, is pushing battery electric vehicles forward. The iX, the brand's new flagship, sets the tone for the future of the company, integrating a new powertrain with cutting-edge in-car technology.

BMW M5 CS Vs Ferrari 812 Superfast Drag Race Ends With Photo Finish


Both the BMW M5 CS and the Ferrari 812 Superfast are performance cars, but they are worlds apart. The Prancing Horse is not only twice as expensive as the super sedan, but it also boasts a significantly larger engine with no forced induction.



VIDEO: Doug DeMuro Checks Out the BMW iX in All of its Quirkiness


Doug DeMuro is known for his catchphrase "Quirks and Features," which he utilizes in all of his videos. DeMuro's skill is in identifying the most intriguing elements of any vehicle, which is why he must have had a field day with the BMW iX, which is the brand's oddest model.

VIDEO: Onboard Video of the BMW M5 CS at Daytona


Chuck Vossler, one of our long-time contributors, recently got the opportunity to join BMW at Daytona for the legendary Daytona 24 Hours. Several other events were arranged for participants during his time there, one of which allowed them to ride in various automobiles on the famed race track.

TEST DRIVE: 2022 BMW X3 M40i — BMW’s Best Do-It-All Vehicle?


There's nothing the BMW X3 M40i does badly in 2022. It never has an egg on its face. It's so terrific, so well-rounded, that you can't help but admire it. Cars that are well-rounded and capable of doing everything rarely elicit emotion, and we rarely fall in love with them.

Watch BMW iX Perform The Moose Test: Better Than Tesla Model X - InsideEVs


According to the test performed by km77.com, the car was able to successfully complete the test at a maximum initial speed of 74 km/h (46 mph). The regenerative braking was set at a normal/medium level.

REVIEW: 2022 BMW 230e Active Tourer – The Super Fun Minivan


With the introduction of the BMW 230e Active Tourer in 2022, BMW's expertise in plug-in hybrid drivetrains reaches new heights.



BMW suspending vehicle exports to Russia | Fox Business


BMW has joined other automakers in suspending vehicle exports to Russia due to the country's ongoing conflict with Ukraine. It is also halting domestic manufacturing in the country. BMW delivered around 49,000 vehicles to Russia in 2021 from all of its global markets. 

BMW Marks 50 Years Of M Division With Emotional "We Are M" Video


The M division will celebrate its half-century anniversary in 2022, and BMW has big plans to commemorate the occasion. A new film looks back at some of the biggest hits while previewing the future, ahead of a product assault in the coming months.

10 Things To Know Before Getting The 2022 BMW X1


The subcompact luxury SUV class has exploded in popularity in recent years, and as a result, several brands now offer some extremely attractive goods in a market that wasn't particularly competitive only a few years ago.

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