️️📰BMW Will Sell "Final V12" 7-Series Model

Jan 21, 2022 11:06 am


BMW Land Issue #62

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Spy Photos

New BMW M2 on snow

BMW's M division will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022, so it's no surprise that the brand will have a busy year ahead of it. The new BMW M2, which you can see above, will be one of the most important models, and these latest spy images show something a little unexpected.


Drag Races

BMW M5 CS versus BMW M2 CS

This time, we're looking at a battle between the BMW M5 CS, the company's most powerful automobile ever, and the BMW M2 CS, which is smaller and lighter. Who has the best chance of winning?

BMW M2 Competition and M4 Competition drag race modded VW Golf R

The gentlemen over at RSRNurburg chose to match a prior generation Golf R against a BMW M2 Competition, demonstrating that power isn't everything in a drag race. While that may not seem like a fair fight given the VW's stock output of 300 horsepower, the hot hatch has been tuned by Revo and now produces an additional 80 horsepower.



BMW X3 M Competition Gets The Savagegeese Treatment

The fellas from Savagegeese have recently developed a reputation as some of the most vehement detractors of the BMW brand. It certainly piqued our interest, especially because they are complimenting the BMW X3 M Competition this time.

Video: BMW 545e Goes All Out On Autobahn

For many folks, the BMW 545e may be the greatest option in the lineup. AutoTopNL put one of these hybrid 5 Series cars through its paces on an unrestricted section of the Autobahn system.

BMW I4 M50 Reviewed Against Tesla Model 3 Performance

The BMW i4 is the company's latest electric vehicle, and it will compete with the popular Tesla Model 3. Mat Watson of CarWow takes the new BMW EV for a spin and pits it against the Model 3 Performance in this comparison.

2006 BMW 320d E90 On The Autobahn In Top Speed Run

M automobiles, or at the very least M Performance variants, are routinely subjected to top speed runs on the Autobahn. Despite its age, the 3er appears to be in excellent shape both inside and out.



BMW Will Sell "Final V12" 7-Series Model

The 12-cylinder engine isn't going away quietly, as BMW will release "The Final V12," a limited edition version of the M760i xDrive. The Final V12 sedan, which is based on the M760i xDrive, will be limited to only 12 units.

Frank Stephenson breaks down the styling of the polarising XM

Frank discusses everything that is wrong with the design of the new BMW XM in his latest video. The internet has already gone crazy about BMW style in recent years, particularly around the kidney grille, which appears to be getting bigger and bigger with each new model that comes out.

Video: The Making Of The BMW IX Flow Featuring E Ink

The E Ink technology used in the color-changing BMW iX Flow isn't new, as you presumably already know. One of the problems, according to Stella Clarke, Project Manager for the BMW iX Flow, was to combine a hard, 2D piece of tech like the E Ink panels with the 3D geometry of the car's body.

This Tuned BMW M4 Has An Interior To Die For

This M4 was created by Studie AG and exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon with a number of cosmetic and interior alterations that really make it stand out.

BMW Aims To Double Electric Vehicle Sales To 200,000 In 2022

BMW's sales figures for 2021 have yet to be disclosed in full, but we do know that the main brand sold 2.2 million vehicles, breaking the previous record and beating Mercedes in the process. In an interview with Automotive News, BMW sales chief Pieter Nota stated that electric vehicles will be a "Big growth engine" for the company's performance in 2021.

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