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BMW LandIssue #20

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Spy Photos

New BMW M2 Coupe Returns In Close-Up Spy Shots Hiding Its Secrets

BMW has yet to reveal the next-generation 2 Series Coupe, but it seems the range-topping model is not far behind considering the test vehicle appears virtually ready to lose the camouflage. The heavy disguise does its job of completely masking the car's design, but you can tell the M2 has a different door handle design, with a hilariously fake white door handle sticker above it.


Drag Races

VIDEO: Audi RS5 Coupe vs New BMW M4 Competition

In this new video from Joe Achilles, who's been putting out a ton of M3/M4 content as of late, puts the BMW M4 Competition up against the Audi RS5 Coupe to see which is faster. The M4 uses a 3.0 liter twin-turbo I6 with 503 horsepower, an eight-speed automatic, and rear-wheel drive. While the Audi RS5 Coupe uses a 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 with 444 horsepower, the same eight-speed auto, and Quattro all-wheel drive.



VIDEO: How Does The Smoking Tire Feel About the BMW M4?

In this new video from The Smoking Tire, we get to see both sides of the M4 coin. On some twisty California canyon roads, both Matt Farah and Zack Klapman find the BMW M4 to be a nice driving car, with sharp steering, a great ride, a good manual shifter, and a great engine.

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Covered 1,000 km in the BMW M4 Competition

Of all the reviews and videos we've read and seen of the new BMW M4, they've all been used for a short period of time. Joe Achilles decided to do 1,000 km in his BMW M4 Competition test car, which is quite the achievement in just a week's worth of time. What does Achilles think of the M4 after spending so much time in it? There are a lot of things he loves, and some things he doesn't.

VIDEO: BMW X6 M Competition Featured on The Smoking Tire

In this new video from The Smoking Tire, we get to see the BMW X6 M Competition get tested on some twisty canyon roads. The new BMW X6 M Competition is a monstrous thing, with a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that makes a ridiculous 617 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. The capabilities of the BMW X6 M Competition cannot be denied.

VIDEO: BMW M3 Competition vs Mercedes-AMG A45 vs Honda Civic Type R GT

So why test the new BMW M3 Competition against the Mercedes-AMG A45, and Honda Civic Type R GT? Because they're all extremely fun cars. The BMW M3 Competition is a four-door, traditional three-box sedan with a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged inline-six, an eight-speed automatic, and, in this case, rear-wheel drive.

VIDEO: Can The BMW M440i Take Down A Mustang Bullitt At Hockenheim?

In this new video from Sport Auto, we get a cockpit view of a lap in each car; the BMW M440i xDrive and Ford Mustang Bullitt. On paper, the BMW M440i xDrive shouldn't be able to compete with the Mustang at the track. On paper, the Ford Mustang Bullitt has an advantage.

VIDEO: Take A Deep Dive Into The ALPINA XB7 With Shmee150

In this new video from Shmee150, who's in California rather than the UK, we get to see the ALPINA XB7 up close and personal, which is a lot closer than many people will get to see it. We've seen a few video reviews of the XB7, but most of them focus on its power and performance. To be fair, the ALPINA XB7 isn't a drastic departure from the BMW X7, in terms of visual interior style.

TEST DRIVE: 2021 BMW 840i Gran Coupe – Luxury lifestyle

The interior follows the same rulebook and it actually makes sense. Why change something if it works? And I know some people might be tempted to say the cabin of the 8 Series as a whole model range isn’t special enough but I disagree.



BMW is the automotive partner of AC Milan Football Club

BMW and AC Milan announce a new long-term partnership that sees the Italian branch of the German premium carmaker become the new Automotive Partner and Premium Partner of the Rossoneri.

BMW launches new 'My BMW' app for owners

BMW has just unveiled its new ‘My BMW’ app for Apple and Android devices, and it’s promising a better mobile experience for users. Replacing the current ‘BMW Connected’ app, which will still be operational until June 30, My BMW will offer a new design, contemporary interface and an overall better experience, says the automaker

VIDEO: Rear Differential for the BMW M3 and M4 Explained

The new rear differential of the BMW M3 and M4 is the brand’s best one yet and comes with two different final drive ratios; 3.15 for automatic transmissions and 3.46 for manual transmissions. It’s also electronically controlled, to provide the most precise and rapid response. It also helps to provide maximum traction out of corners, helping to increase the M3’s handling capabilities. The diff is also a bit part of why the BMW M3 and M4 can launch so well, despite currently only being rear-wheel drive.

Here's Why The BMW M2 Competition Is A Better Buy Than The M2 CS

The BMW M2 has been discontinued post-fall 2020, a lucky few were able to get their hands on the swansong to this agile Beemer. BMWs have been known for comfort, technology, and sheer driving pleasure.

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