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Jun 04, 2021 3:06 pm


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Spy Photos

New BMW M4 Spy Shots 

BMW revealed the M4 Competition alongside its M3 sibling back in April, and new spy shots show the company is developing an even hotter M4 variant. It's not clear if this car will be called the M4 CS or the M4 CSL, though the photos show the car receiving a reworked front fascia, a bigger spoiler, and other performance-oriented changes that will put it above the M4 Comp in the lineup.

2022 BMW X3 M Facelift Spied Testing On Public Roads Again

As you can see from the spy shots, the changes on the X3 M won't be outlandish. The concealments on the LCI model are mostly found on the front and rear fascias, hiding the expected subtle changes. The spy photos are limited to exterior only, but you can expect a few improvements in the cabin, particularly a newer version of the BMW iDrive's software, along with other tech improvements.


Drag Races

Drag Race: New G80 BMW M3 Vs Tuned F80 700hp M3

What's better, a brand-new BMW M3 or a heavily-upgraded older car for less? Watch to find out. If you're looking for loads of performance, should you fork out the money for a brand new car - or save some cash, buy an older version and use the change to load it with upgrades?



Video: BMW M5 CS Laps Nurburgring In 7 Minutes And 29.57 Seconds

When the BMW M5 CS came out, a lot of people wondered about the meaning behind the embossing of the Nurburgring layout onto the front headrests. The most powerful production car ever made by BMW was recently put to the test on the Nurburgring by the guys from Sport Auto. Took the M5 CS by the scruff of its neck and pushed it as hard as he could to get the best possible lap time on it.

VIDEO: Is The BMW M3 Competition The Best M3/M4?

The Smoking Tire feels as if the BMW M3 Competition is the best. While many enthusiasts might still feel the same, preferring to buy up manuals while they still last, I now have to agree with Farah and Klapman - the M3 Competition is the best version.

Video: 630 HP BMW M3 Tuned By Manhart Goes All Out On Autobahn

The current BMW M3 is definitely the fastest one ever made. If we're talking about the Competition version things get even more out of hand, with 510 HP available for the sedan to tear up tires everywhere it goes. As we expected, that's not enough for some people which is fine, especially for tuners out there like Manhart. Its take on the current M3 was dubbed the Manhart MH3 600 and you can already guess the kind of power it makes, solely by its name.

VIDEO: BMW M2 CS vs Mustang Mach 1 vs Honda Civic Type R

In this new video from Throttle House, we get to see the BMW M2 CS take on the Ford Mustang Mach 1 and the Honda Civic Type R LE. What’s interesting about this three-way is that each car is drastically different from the other. The M2 CS uses a twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter inline-six up front, a six-speed manual transmission, and rear-wheel drive.



BMW Will Fix Slow 0-60 MPH Times For M550i Models With Software

For any 2021 BMW M550i customers noticing that your car feels slower than it should, you're not going crazy. BMW claims a 0-60 mph time of 3.6 seconds for the M550i but the fastest Car and Driver could get out of it was 3.9 seconds. According to BMW, it's actually a software issue with the M550i and not C&D's testing. Admittedly, 3.9 seconds to 60 mph is still bonkers fast for such a big heavy car and, in reality, few are ever going to really notice the difference between 3.9 seconds and 3.6 seconds.

BMW Files Patent For Virtual Mirror

According to i4talk, BMW has filed a patent with the European Patent Office for a virtual mirror. The drawings reveal that BMW proposes a solution with a semi-transparent mirror on the actual window itself. This is not BMW's first attempt at a virtual mirror. BMW i8 Mirrorless incorporates two insignificant looking cameras, accommodated in aerodynamically optimized holders, which replace the existing exterior mirrors.

BMW's First Electric Sport Sedan

From the outside, the BMW i4 looks very much like a traditional BMW. It has all the signature BMW elements - kidney "Grille", Hofmeister kink, and classic rear-drive proportions. The BMW i4 will come in two flavors; i4 40 and i4 M50. The entry-level BMW i4 40 will be the electric equivalent of a BMW M440i-ish, while the BMW i4 M50 will sort of take on an M4 Gran Coupe role.The BMW i4 eDrive40 uses a single, rear-mounted electric drive unit that makes 335 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque.

Video: Check Out An Ultra-Rare Manual BMW E63 M6

Looking at the automotive market and what’s on offer today, you would probably think that the manual gearbox doesn’t stand a chance. And the truth is, it doesn’t. Most car makers are dropping this option for a number of reasons.

BMW's M4 GT3 Car To Make Nurburgring Debut In June

BMW said the M4 will continue to undergo more test and race outings for the rest of the year before the car is delivered to customers for its first full season programme in 2022. "The development work on the BMW M4 GT3 is now on the finishing straight, and the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring is the perfect stage on which to present the car in its BMW M Motorsport design and thus to herald the final phase leading up to the first race outings," said Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW M GmbH.

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