📰 The new BMW 7 Series is constructed in this manner.

Jul 15, 2022 10:06 am


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BMW LandIssue #88

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Spy Photos

Forming up for the 2024 BMW 5 Series


The next BMW 5 Series sedan was seen for the first time with its manufacturing lights on. The headlights resemble those of the 2 Series coupe in appearance, while the taillights appear to take design cues from the 7 Series and 3 Series.

BMW M2 Was Seen Testing An M4-Sourced Engine And Brakes At The Nurburgring


Since the new BMW M2 won't go on sale until this October, the German carmaker has a few more months to complete the coupe's development. An updated spy clip from the CarSpyMedia YouTube account shows the vehicle returning to the Nurburgring for more testing.

Unveiling of New 2024 BMW X3 Spy Images


The next-generation BMW X3 is currently being developed. BMW has put in place every tool required to make the fourth generation of its profitable and well-liked SUV a reality. a model who will launch incredibly important advancements after merely being photographed for the first time.


Drag Races

BMW M140i and Toyota Supra Drag Race Using the Same Powertrain


It's no secret that the powertrain and infotainment system of the contemporary Toyota Supra are mostly made by BMW. This video compares this Japanese sports coupe to a BMW M140i that has the exact same engine. Both of these cars are not stock.



BMW 330e Touring: evaluation of extensive testing


Plugging in a car for only 20 or so miles of electric range is more of a hassle, especially if you don't have the means to recharge at home. Aside from this, the BMW 330e is a superbly competent vehicle that is now even more so in Touring form.

Watch Joe Achilles' Ride at Goodwood in the BMW M3 Touring


IThe BMW M3 Touring had its public premiere at the Goodwood Festival of Speed a few weeks ago. During the renowned Goodwood hill climb, we were present and even got to ride along in the BMW M4 CSL. The M3 Touring, however, was the vehicle we were unable to ride in.

View the BMW iX M60's Performance on the Autobahn


You can witness what the M60 can accomplish with all that power when let loose on the Autobahn in this brand-new film from AutoTopNL.

BMW i4 M50: A Performance Alternative to the Model 3?


The i4 M50 is a decent vehicle. It's a good automobile, in reality. It employs the same fantastic iDrive 8 system as the iX, is quick, has a passably attractive exterior, a surprisingly useful hatchback trunk, can comfortably seat four adults inside, and boasts one of the nicest acceleration noises in the industry.



Will BMW Release a Z4 Manual? A recent report affirms


Is the BMW Z4 going to debut a six-speed manual Supra like Toyota has? According to a recent rumor, the German carmaker is considering sending a Z4 M40i variant with three pedals rather than two to the United States.

The BMW 850Ci is treated by a skilled detailer after being neglected for years.


The original 8 Series, which is no longer produced but is surely not forgotten, has a particular position in BMW history since it introduced innovative technology that later spread to less expensive vehicles. It also happened to be breathtakingly beautiful and the first six-speed manual V12 powertrain in a road automobile.

The new BMW 7 Series is constructed in this manner.


Earlier this month, BMW began producing the G70 7 Series and i7 in series at the Dingolfing facility. Due to the adaptable CLAR design, the 2022 BMW 7 Series is one of the most sophisticated BMWs ever produced.

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