️🕵️Spy images of the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe indicate an evolutionary design

Jul 21, 2023 10:05 am


BMW Land│Issue #141

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Spy Photos

2024 BMW X2 Spied


First images of the 2024 BMW X2 have surfaced, displaying its sportier styling as compared to the X1 model. The forthcoming X2 has a dynamic front fascia, substantial air intakes, and a prominent grille, giving it a sleek and aggressive appearance. The prototype's camouflage hints some modifications to the back, most likely to the tailgate and taillights. The upcoming X2 is anticipated to have similar engine options as the X1, including gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid models. The formal announcement of the 2024 BMW X2 and other information are still pending.

All-Electric BMW i5 Touring Spied During Testing Spied During Testing


The i5 Touring is similar to the 5 Series wagon from BMW in terms of its conspicuous features and elegant appearance. The i5 Touring is expected to have remarkable range and performance in accordance with BMW's commitment to electric mobility, even though specifics on the electric engine and performance are lacking. This sighting strengthens BMW's commitment to environmentally friendly transportation by expanding the company's array of electric vehicles.


Drag Races

All BMW M5 generations compete in the ultimate drag race.


A drag race between all BMW M5 models to demonstrate their strength and prowess. The page digs into the details and attributes of each iteration, including the engine designs, outputs, and rates of acceleration. It highlights the distinctive qualities and improvements of each model, giving aficionados a thorough picture of the M5's development throughout time. For BMW fanatics interested in the M5 series and its skill in drag racing, the piece is a thrilling and educational read overall.

BMW M8 Drag Races Shelby GT500 In Munich Vs Merica Showdown


A drag race between the BMW M8 and the Shelby GT500. The race took place at a quarter-mile drag strip, with both cars showcasing their impressive power and performance capabilities. According to the video, the BMW M8, equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 engine producing 617 horsepower, had a slight advantage over the Shelby GT500's 5.2-liter V8 engine with 760 horsepower. Despite this, the Shelby GT500 managed to win the race due to its lighter weight and superior traction. This drag race exemplifies the fierce competition between two high-performance vehicles.



A Four-Door Supercar On The Highway, The BMW M5 Has 1,000 Horsepower


A video of a BMW M5 on the Autobahn putting out 1000 horsepower (hp). The article sheds light on how the car generates such high power, emphasizing the usage of improved turbos, improved pistons, and an altered ECU. The M5 accelerates well, going from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds, as shown in the video. It also shows the car's stability at high Autobahn speeds. The M5's potential and capacity to compete with other high-performance rivals are highlighted in the article. The website provides a comprehensive visual and educational portrayal of the BMW M5's extraordinary power capacities.

2023 BMW M2 vs M2 CS vs M3 Competition vs 1M - The Ultimate Review 


A comparison of the 2023 BMW M2, M2 CS, M3 Competition, and 1M vehicles from the manufacturer. The article examines the essential characteristics, engine details, performance, and costs of each automobile while examining its unique advantages and disadvantages. It draws attention to the potent twin-turbo inline-six engine in the M3 Competition, the lightweight carbon fiber parts in the M2 CS, the M2's affordability, and the 1M's distinctive status as a limited edition collector's car. For car aficionados interested in these specific BMW models, the study provides insightful information that helps them make selections based on their tastes and requirements.

The Best M3 Ever Made? 2024 BMW M3 CS Review.


The post on the BMW Blog website includes information on and a review of the 2024 BMW M3 CS. With its powerful horsepower, handling, and gorgeous design, the M3 CS is lauded. A powerful twin-turbo inline-six engine powers it, providing outstanding acceleration. The evaluation emphasizes the car's enhanced suspension system, precision steering, and refined dynamics. The M3 CS's elegant and comfy cabin is praised for its driver-focused cockpit. The 2024 BMW M3 CS is portrayed in the review as a high-performance sports sedan that blends strength, agility, and luxury.



BMW Celebrates Producing One Million X1 Crossovers at Regensburg Plant


BMW recently celebrated the production of its one millionth X1 compact SUV at the Regensburg plant in Germany. The milestone signifies the popularity and success of the model, which has been produced since 2009. The X1 is known for its versatility, combining efficient engines, a spacious interior, and advanced features. BMW's Regensburg plant has played a significant role in its production, employing over 9,000 people. This achievement highlights the ongoing demand for compact SUVs and BMW's commitment to meeting customer needs. With the X1's continued success, BMW is well-positioned to maintain its position in the competitive SUV market.

When an M5 Isn't Fast Enough: 2023 BMW Alpina B5 GT


In this article, Car and Driver provides a comprehensive assessment of the 2023 BMW Alpina B5 GT. The performance, appearance, and attributes of the automobile are in-depth examined by the author. They draw attention to the B5 GT's powerful engine, easy transmission, and plush cabin. The report also highlights the car's excellent acceleration, pleasant ride, and adept handling. The author also emphasizes the Alpina-specific changes made to the BMW model, which gave it a distinctive and elegant touch. Overall, the article provides a thorough analysis of the 2023 BMW Alpina B5 GT, highlighting its advantages.

10 Interesting Facts About BMW M Performance Vehicles


The article provides comprehensive information about the BMW M series, emphasizing several noteworthy details. It analyzes the history, performance characteristics, and technical developments of the M series. The article highlights the high performance capabilities of these cars and discusses the meaning of the letter "M" in the BMW M series. Also, it sheds light on how the M series has changed over time, stressing how BMW has continued to create cutting-edge technologies for greater fuel economy, increased performance, and a thrilling driving experience. The article's conclusion claims that the BMW M series is the ideal synthesis of comfort, luxury, and high-performance engineering.

Demand for the BMW M3 wagon is quite high, and manufacturing has already doubled.


The BMW M3 wagon is now in great demand, according to drive.com.au. According to the website, client interest in this model has exceeded predictions. The M3 wagon's success reflects the attractiveness of its performance, usefulness, and distinctive appearance. Despite being a niche product, it appears that there is a strong market for this expensive sports wagon. This information highlights the continued interest with the BMW moniker and the persistent appeal of the M3 model series.

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