️🕵️Less camouflage on 2024 BMW X2 M35i Spied, Showing More Design Cues

Sep 08, 2023 10:06 am


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Spy Photos

Less camouflage on 2024 BMW X2 M35i Spied, Showing More Design Cues


The outward design changes to the car are seen in the photos, which also show new headlights, a front grille that has been changed, and a new bumper. It appears that the back has also undergone some cosmetic improvements. Although the interior is still a mystery, it is anticipated to include modern technology. There are rumors that the X2 M35i will be powered by an upgraded turbocharged four-cylinder engine with better performance. Power output and other characteristics' exact information are still being kept under wraps. Overall, the leaked images provide us a glimpse of the planned improvements and revisions for BMW's forthcoming crossover vehicle.


Drag Races

Porsche 911 GT3 RS v BMW M3 CS: DRAG RACE 


The brand-new BMW M3 CS is competing against the all-new Porsche 911 GT3 RS, one of the most extreme BMWs money can buy. The issue is whether this Porsche with a track-focused design has what it takes to defeat the BMW. Let's examine the statistics in more detail, then. The Porsche has a 4-litre naturally aspirated flat-six engine that is capable of 525 horsepower and 465 Nm of torque. Powered by a 7-speed automatic transmission, the car's 1,450kg weight makes it extremely light for a track-focused vehicle.

The BMW M3 CS comes next. It uses the same 3-liter twin-turbo straight-six as the standard M3, but boasts 550 horsepower and 650 Nm more torque. Sending this power

BMW M850i Drag Races Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio


The movie emphasizes that the BMW's all-wheel-drive (AWD) technology is the key to the car's victory in this race. The race footage posted on the internet showcases the BMW's remarkable performance versus the Alfa Romeo and highlights its better acceleration. The website emphasizes the AWD feature as the primary reason for the BMW's triumph and focuses mostly on the outcome of this particular race.

2023 BMW M2 Drag Races M5 Competition


The author highlights the excitement and unpredictability of the race, emphasizing that all expectations are thrown out the window. The BMW M2 (G87) is the most affordable modern M car and is the last with a manual transmission. It has impressive acceleration, but loses to the M5 Competition in a drag race due to its weight. It runs on the Cluster Architecture platform and may receive a refresh in 2025 that will increase its horsepower. It is manufactured in Mexico and has recently had a $1,000 price increase in the US.

Can I beat an M2 in a car that costs HALF the price!? 


Here's a drag race you might not have anticipated seeing.

Mat is competing in the brand-new MG4 XPower against the brand-new BMW M2 in this race. On the surface, it may appear like the MG is going to be destroyed completely. But be assured—this is not your typical MG. You see, the XPower has two motors and can generate 435 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque, but the standard MG 4 has a single electric motor that can offer 203 hp. It can reach 60 mph in under 3.8 seconds with that much of power, yet it only costs £36,500! The automobile is the heaviest one here, weighing around 1,800 kg. Following it is the BMW M2. It includes the same



Tesla Model 3 vs. BMW i4: Head to Head 


The article discusses a number of features of both vehicles, including as their interior, price, range, and performance. It compliments the extended range, outstanding acceleration, and nimble handling of the Model 3. The BMW i4, on the other hand, is praised for its opulent interior, cozy seats, and chic style. The article concludes that both vehicles are fantastic alternatives and give remarkable electric performance, with the Model 3 being more cost-effective and useful while the i4 delivers a higher degree of luxury.

2023 BMW M5 CS with Modified Downpipes Produces 788 Horsepower and Screams on the Dyno


The 2023 BMW M5 CS is discussed in the article, which has been upgraded with bespoke downpipes to produce a powerful 788 horsepower. The car's dyno performance is highlighted in order to illustrate its amazing potential. The M5 CS's exhaust system is improved by the installation of bespoke downpipes, which produces an exciting sound. The performance-focused design and athletic appeal of the vehicle are highlighted by this alteration. The M5 CS is now an even stronger competitor in the market for high-performance sedans thanks to its enhanced horsepower. The article as a whole emphasizes the force and exhilarating features of the 2023 BMW M5 CS.

2023 BMW X7 Review 


The premium SUV is thoroughly examined in this article, with special attention paid to its features, performance, and appearance. The reviewer gives the X7 high marks for its powerful engine choices, smooth ride, and cutting-edge features like the iDrive infotainment system. The article also discusses the X7's roomy cabin and premium construction materials. It also highlights a few drawbacks, such as the high sticker price and the absence of a hybrid powertrain. Ultimately, the evaluation paints the 2023 BMW X7 as a competent and opulent SUV with a few glaring flaws.

BMW M240i vs. Nissan Z Nismo: A Six-Cylinder Duel


The Nissan Z Nismo and the BMW M240i are compared in the article to discover which six-cylinder sports vehicle is the superior option. The parallels and contrasts between the two models in terms of functionality, cost, and features are highlighted. The BMW M240i is hailed for its opulent interior and sophisticated driving experience, while the Nissan Z Nismo is recognized for its aggressive looks and exceptional track performance. The article's conclusion is that both vehicles have their own distinct advantages, and choosing between them ultimately comes down to personal tastes.



First Look at the BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept: A BMW that is all electric


The next-generation, all-electric BMW 3 Series is shown in the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, and it represents a significant departure from the current model, providing the final vehicle maintains loyal to this idea. But, the Vision Neue Klasse adds a brand-new electric platform to the BMW range that will serve as the foundation for several EVs, which is arguably even more significant.

BMW M Boss: The Electric M will be the fastest BMW ever.


Markus Flasch, the CEO of BMW M, is quoted in a recent article as saying that future electric M vehicles will be the quickest models to compete at the Nürburgring. According to this announcement, BMW's M division is dedicated to creating high-performance electrified automobiles. Flasch also emphasized the many benefits of electrification in terms of power delivery, weight distribution, and handling, which gives them an advantage on the storied racetrack. He also stressed that the M division will keep providing a range of powertrain choices, like as conventional internal combustion engines, hybrid drivetrains, and completely electric drivetrains.

BMW introduces the new iX1 eDrive20 electric car.


The iX1 eDrive20, the newest electric car from BMW, has been introduced. The new vehicle, which is a member of the BMW iX series, is designed for the small SUV market. The iX1 eDrive20 uses the most recent electric drive technology from BMW and has a sustainable design. It can go up to 425 kilometers on a single charge, making everyday commuting possible. The car also has a roomy, cozy cabin with contemporary amenities. BMW hopes to further diversify its electric car lineup and serve a larger spectrum of clients in the expanding electric vehicle industry with the launch of the iX1 eDrive20.

Mercedes-AMG E63 and BMW M5 swerve through the Tesla parking lot.


An incident involving a BMW M5 and a Mercedes-AMG E63 being observed drifting in a Tesla car park in China is covered in the story from Drive.com.au. The event, which was caught on camera, sparked a discussion about the perils of careless driving and the perception of performance automobiles. The video depicts the two cars engaging in risky maneuvers, including almost hitting parked Teslas. Several chastised the drivers for putting innocent bystanders at risk and tarnishing the image of owners of premium vehicles. Concerns regarding the absence of security in Tesla's parking areas have also been raised in light of the event.

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