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Jun 18, 2021 3:06 pm


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Spy Photos

Upcoming BMW 3-Series EV Spied

The EV prototype is interesting by itself, but the model appears to be based on the facelifted 3-Series as it features restyled headlights with new boomerang-shaped daytime running lights. While that's not much to go on, the model is expected to adopt BMW's Curved Display which consists of a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 14.9-inch infotainment system running iDrive 8.

BMW 7 Series spied

So with our first peek at the new generation model due next year, it's looking like BMW will once again make the 7-series play the protagonist. The version in these pictures is most likely an M Sport derivative, featuring unmistakable oblong sections on either side of the central intake - a common design trait of many modern M Sport models.

Video: BMW M3 Touring and M3 CS Spotted out Testing on the Ring

While we’re currently seeing the first G80 M3 and M4 models being delivered and, now that we’ve even see the convertible M4 unveiled, we’re waiting on only one final body style: the G81 M3 Touring. After decades of waiting, and some dedicate fans decided to take things into their own hands to build several of M3 Touringss themselves, BMW M finally decided to build one and actually sell it.


Drag Races

BMW M5 Drag Races Porsche Taycan Turbo

A recent video from the guys at DSC Off features a drag race between the F90 BMW M5 and Porsche Taycan Turbo S. A quick look at the specs sheet reveals that this could be a really close race. While the Taycan may be more powerful, it tips the scales at 2,313 kilograms compared to the BMW at 1,933 kg.



Video: BMW M5 CS Posts Incredible Numbers In Acceleration Test

The M5 CS doesn't disappoint and the video show some incredible numbers posted by the car in the test carried out by AutoTopNL. According to BMW, the M5 CS is the fastest and most powerful car they ever made available to customers.

VIDEO REVIEW: 2021 BMW M3 With Manual Transmission

The G80 BMW M3 is an excellent everyday sport sedan that still comes with a manual transmission. Just that in itself is enough to celebrate it, even if it is funky looking.

VIDEO: BMW M5 CS Is The Fastest Car Joe Achilles Ever Tested

With 627 horsepower, the M5 CS is the most powerful car BMW has ever made and, due to its lightweight diet, it has the best power-to-weight ratio of any Bimmer ever made. Achilles notes that the new suspension is not only more composed and athletic than any other M5 but it's also just as comfortable as the standard M5. 

VIDEO: Can The BMW M4 Competition Catch The Toyota GR Yaris On Track?

Is the new G82 BMW M4 Competition capable enough to take on the world's current champion of tight, technical tracks - the Toyota GR Yaris. In this new video from Auto Express, we see the BMW M4 Competition take on the GR Yaris at Llandow circuit, with Steve Sutcliffe behind the wheel of the Toyota.

Instead, Sutcliffe is behind the wheel of the GR Yaris and, as he comes past the finish to start a flying lap, the M4 Comp sets off to try and catch it.

VIDEO: G80 BMW M3 Competition Vs E46 BMW M3 CSL

So what happens if you actually put it up against the greatest driving M3 of all time - the E46 M3 CSL? In this new video from Car Magazine, we get to see that very comparison. They put the new G80 M3 Competition up against the E46 M3 CSL on the road to see if the new car can actually hang with its iconic predecessor.



BMW M5 E39 In Dakar Yellow With Only 635 Miles

One such car is the E39-generation BMW M5, a car developed from 1998 to 2003, which is now fetching six-figure price tags for really pristine examples. The E39 BMW M5 is often considered to be the best M5 of all time, and possibly the finest sport sedan of all time, due to its near-perfect balance between composure and compliance, a magnificent 4.9 liter naturally-aspirated V8 and understated good looks.

BMW Never Made An M2 Diesel, But This Guy Did, With Three Turbos

Meet the unofficial M2 50d, equipped with an inline-six, tri-turbo diesel engine borrowed from an older X5 M50d. The impressive build represents the work of Gary Martins, a former BMW Master Technician, who is now running his own business dubbed Grease Monkey Motors.

BMW iX - Top 5 Most Important Features

There's no chance anyone mistakes a BMW iX with a BMW X5 and that's a very good thing. BMW's latest iDrive 8 not only features an all-new screen but the graphics are massively improved. There are also interesting new features, such as being able to being the entire climate control system up on the screen or using digital versions of BMW's preset buttons at the top of the screen.

Pristine 13k Mile 2000 BMW 740iL Wants A New Home

The 740iL, which was being sold with all of its original paperwork, including window stickers, books, multiple keys, a toolbox, and an original car cover, has only been driven 13,097 miles.

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