2022 BMW 3 Series Facelift 🕵️

Jul 23, 2021 3:06 pm


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Spy Photos

2022 BMW 3 Series Facelift Allegedly Leaked

After the infamous leak of the future BMW M2 - which has yet to be confirmed by the Bavarians - today, we might have an early look at the facelifted BMW 3 Series. The leaked image allegedly points to the facelift, but of course, we can't confirm it at this moment.

Spied: Next-Gen BMW M2 Caught Lapping The Nürburgring

Expected to show up for the 2022 model year, the next M2 appears to dispense with the current 2's integrated exhaust outlets and instead rock a quartet of sewer cannons sticking out from its rear bumper.

2023 BMW X8 Spy Shots

Rumors of a new BMW crossover positioned above the X7 have persisted for years, and now we have evidence that one is in fact coming. A prototype for the new flagship crossover has been spotted, and it reveals that designers have adopted the lower and flatter roof of the X2 for the vehicle, as opposed to the high roof of the X5 and X7, or coupe-like roof of the X4 and X6.

BMW I5 Spied Looking Smooth And Stylish In Latest Spy Shots

We are seeing a lot of the next-gen BMW 5 Series recently. The 5 Series doesn't appear to adopt the full-width taillights that are a growing trend in automotive styling. The best estimate for the new 5 Series' debut is an unveiling in the second half of 2022.


Drag Races

BMW M5 CS Lines Up For A Drag Race Against Audi RS7

Daniel Abt has gotten ahold of a new BMW M5 CS and Audi RS7 for some drag races. The BMW produces 626 horsepower of torque from a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. The Audi has 592 hp and 590 lb-ft from a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8. Both are all-wheel drive.

Drag Race: Rimac Nevera V Taycan Turbo S V BMW M5 F90

How much is too much? Happily, in this ever-evolving world that's inexorably turning to electric power, it appears that no power output is too much - at least if your company's name is Rimac. The BMW transfers all this power through an eight-speed automatic gearbox and a four-wheel-drive system, so it should definitely get off the line briskly.



2021 BMW M3 Review

The 2021 BMW M3 sticks to the classic M formula as much as a modern car can. It’s not a homologation special like the original, but this is a car almost obsessively focused on driver enjoyment nonetheless.

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Test Drives The BMW M5 CS Again

The BMW M5 CS could be the brand's most interesting cars. Can you blame him? The BMW M5 CS is not only the most powerful production BMW in history, it's the fastest, too.

VIDEO: 850 HP BMW M2 Goes All Out

Is there even such a thing as too much power? Some say there's no such thing as too much power but power without control is useless or, even worse, dangerous Therefore, the 850 horsepower BMW M2 in the video below might just be the perfect candidate to do a sort of analysis on how much power is too much power on a car.



BMW I4: Everything You Need To Know

The i4 will be a luxurious and sporty coupe that will hopefully tempt many buyers away from combustion counterparts. Only time, and the sales figures, will tell if BMW has a real winner on its hands here.

BMW can’t finish production of 10,000 cars

BMW said on Tuesday, nearly all its German plants were affected by an ongoing shortage of semiconductors that are preventing the luxury carmaker from completing around 10,000 cars.

500-Mile BMW M2 CS Already Sold For A Profit

The BMW M2 CS was always going to be a specialty car, because it was developed to be one. The first ever BMW M2 was and still is considered one of the best products to ever come out of the M division's capable hands, especially in this day and age.

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