️🕵️2023 BMW X1 Seen in Cape York Green Looking Minty Fresh

Aug 19, 2022 10:06 am


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BMW LandIssue #93

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Spy Photos

2023 BMW X1 Seen in Cape York Green Looking Minty Fresh


BMW said the third-generation X1 will be available in a brand-new Cape York Green color when it was first introduced at the beginning of June. We quickly located the new hue in the configurator, but here is our first chance to see how it appears in actual life.

Renderings of the BMW X5 M Show a Sporty Crossover Redesign with an Angular Grille


Although the BMW X5 M isn't getting a whole makeover, the rest of the model lineup is, and the crossover is ready for one as well. The high-performance variant was seen in recent spy photos with less camouflage on and some grille exposed. Two unapproved renditions by Kolesa are shown here.

2023 BMW 5 Series G60 Spy Video Displays Testing of Prototypes


The BMW 5 Series, which is arguably the sedan lineup's sweet spot, will make its eighth generation debut in 2023. Along with the G60, an electric i5 will be introduced, sitting between the i3 (available in China only) and i7.


Drag Races

The 700-HP Drag Race Matchup Between the Acura NSX and the BMW M4


A drag race from a standing start opens the clip. The NSX walks all over the M4 owing to its eAWD system, which is obvious to anybody. The BMW got a little lead and then sped out down the runway with the speed set at 40 mph.

Nissan GT-R R35 is destroyed in a drag race by a tuned BMW 340i


The BMW 3 Series—at least the F30 generation—is a superb car, according to both admirers and owners. Even without going beyond the restrictions of acquiring the M3, the 340i can already provide reliable numbers that should delight its driver.



The Straight Pipes Treatment Is Applied To The BMW X3 M Competition LCI


I'll admit that I haven't driven a BMW X3 M in a while. It has since had a mid-cycle "LCI" facelift, so it could be quite different from what I recall. Even though its suspension was so rigid that it broke my teeth, I recall it being a lot of fun.

Review of the 2022 BMW i4 M50: Books vs. Covers


For the past five years, there has only been one option available if you desired a compact, sporty electric sedan: the Tesla Model 3. And Tesla remains the only vehicle worth taking into consideration if purely objective, stat-sheet measures like range, charging speed, straight-line performance, or pricing are important.

Joe Achilles Upgrades His BMW M3 Competition xDrive with a Few Modifications


This new BMW M3 Competition xDrive is the first all-wheel drive M3 in history, which has us rather intrigued.

The top down on a BMW 650i convertible traveling at 259 KM/H on the autobahn.


The 6 Series has been reduced to just one vehicle, the quite peculiar Gran Turismo (GT), which is only available in specific areas, and is simply a shell of what it once was. But according to rumours, BMW plans to bring back the 6er family in the second part of the decade.



The 2023 BMW X7 M60i Sapphire Black may be seen in a video tour.


Whether you like it or not, the X7 LCI is the first BMW vehicle to be sold with split headlights. Soon, we may expect the 7 Series and i7, and the same is true for the XM. These are the only versions with an interesting light configuration at the moment.

The next BMW M3 is said to be the first M electric sports vehicle.


It shouldn't be that shocking that the next M3 will be powered by electricity. But that doesn't make the news any less wonderful. There will be quite a commotion among the fandom when the BMW M3 switches to electric power.

The Top 10 Most Reliable Classic BMWs are shown below.


Since the 1970s, BMW has worked to establish a reputation as a producer of sporty, well-made premium and luxury vehicles that are affordable to both affluent businesspeople and stand-up comedians.

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