📰10 BMW Models You Should Never Buy Used

Mar 25, 2022 11:06 am



BMW Land Issue #71

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Spy Photos

At the 'Ring, a BMW X5 M Competition LCI was spotted.


After spy photographs of the next-generation BMW M5 hybrid and the future G87 M2 testing at the Nürburgring appeared, new spy photos from the 'Ring have surfaced, revealing yet another high-performance M car in action. It's the BMW X5 M Competition LCI this time, though.

Spy Videos Of The 2023 BMW M2 G87 Show The Sporty Coupe At The 'Ring


The first Nürburgring test session of 2022 has begun, and BMW is testing the M2 in the Green Hell. The G87 is still fully camouflaged, although the concealment appears to be a little weaker, allowing some design elements to shine through.

The Split Headlights of the BMW X7 LCI Facelift Have Been Leaked on Instagram.


The all-new front end design of BMW's impending X7 LCI facelift has just leaked on Instagram. BMW's high-end luxury cars, the X7, 7 Series, and XM, will get a new front end design language with large kidney grilles and split headlamps, as we've known for a while.


Drag Races

BMW M3 F80 vs. Challenger Hellcat: Power Isn't Everything


Isn't it true that the car with the most horsepower always wins the drag race? That's not the case. Although this BMW M3 F80 has been tweaked to produce 490 horsepower, it still falls short of the Hellcat by 217 horsepower. Furthermore, the performance sedan's 460 lb-ft of torque is surpassed by the monstrous Challenger's 650 lb-ft.

In a V8 fight, a BMW X7 M50i drag races hardcore off-roaders.


Unfortunately, BMW will not be selling a body-on-frame car to meet the burgeoning demand for ladder-frame monsters. That hasn't stopped Carwow from testing the X7 M50i against three huge sport utility vehicles based on trucks.

BMW M5 CS Fights Aventador SVJ And Nismo GT-R In Wet Drag Race


In a drag competition amongst fully fledged supercars, surely a huge and hefty sedan like the M5 CS has no chance, right? Carwow had a lot of fun answering this question by pitting BMW's most powerful automobile against real performance cars.



Examine the Facelifted BMW X3 M40i LCI in-Depth


As we recently learned, the BMW X3 is the second most popular BMW model in the world, behind only the 3 Series. No surprise, really, as the BMW X3 is an excellent blend of style, driving dynamics, and practicality. Especially after its new LCI facelift.

Watch a BMW M2 with 600 horsepower take on the 'Ring.


A BMW M2 with 600 horsepower takes on the 'Ring ADVERTISEMENT Would you trust someone else on the Nürburgring with your 600 horsepower BMW M2? That's exactly what this proprietor did when he allowed Misha to stay with him. 

New 2022 BMW i4 v Porsche Taycan review 


Because, above all, it still drives like a Porsche, the Porsche Taycan has become our go-to EV sports saloon. But, with the debut of the BMW i4, especially in this fast, four-wheel-drive M50 variant, which pits the quickest i4 against the l, could that change?

Upclose with the 2022 BMW iX M60 


The hero of the 2022 BMW Super Bowl – the BMW iX M60 – arrived in Chicago this week for the annual car show. In contrast to the grey model seen at the 2022 CES, the one in Chicago is all black.



10 BMW Models You Should Never Buy Used


BMW is one of the most well-known automakers, so it's no wonder that the used-car market is swamped with BMW models.

BMW Group Investing More Than $200 Million to Add New Press Shop at South


The BMW Group will invest more than $200 million in its South Carolina facility to build a 219,000-square-foot press shop. More than 200 new employment will be created as a result of the investment.

Turner Motorsport has shown a stunning E46 BMW M3 conversion.


It would be an easy coupling of the E46 M3 with an E92 M3 engine if you wanted to make the perfect Frankenstein BMW M3 out of purely stock M3 parts. That way, you'd get the E46 M3's excellent balance, handling, and aesthetics, but with the E92 M3's screaming V8.

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