🕵️ Here's The Face Of The New BMW 3 Series

Sep 24, 2021 3:06 pm


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Spy Photos

Here's The Face Of The New BMW 3 Series

Recent spy shots of the 3 Series still show a lot of camouflage on the front end, making it difficult to see which models bear the greatest similarity to these new designs, but it appears the 3 will inherit some triangular design traits from the new 2 Series Coupe.

Here Is All You Need To Know About The 2024 BMW 5-Series

The reveal of the all-new, eighth generation of the BMW 5-Series is scheduled for 2023, but sightings of camouflaged prototypes of the premium sedan combined with reports from insider sources have painted a pretty clear picture of what to expect.

BMW X8 Rendered Based On Latest Spy Shots 

The prototypes doing the rounds for the testing phase are still wearing plenty of camouflage but, based on everything we know so far about BMW's new visual identity, it's easy to imagine what it all looks like underneath. That means we're looking at a visual representation of the upcoming BMW X8 that is about 95% accurate.


Drag Races

Video: M3 Competition Drag Races C63 AMG S

The BMW M3 Competition is no exception and, even though we've already seen the new C63 AMG S we're still pretty far from having the two go at it on a drag strip. On the other side of the drag strip we have the M3 Competition, with a smaller, 3-liter straight-six mill developing 510 HP and 650 Nm of torque.



Video: BMW E70 X5 M Is Still Incredibly Fast 

The BMW E70 X5 might've not been the first of its kind, but it still rewrote history, because it was the first X5 to offer an M version. It wasn't even a new concept for BMW. The German brand worked on a high-performance of the X5 before the first generation, the E53, was even launched.

VIDEO: Carwow Drives The BMW M5 CS

In this new video, Carwow's Mat Watson gives the M5 CS a comprehensive review, showing off its new styling, added performance, and improved handling.

On paper, the BMW M5 CS isn't that much better than the standard M5. Its 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 makes 635 horsepower and 553 lb-ft.



BMW Says It Will Not Continue To Increase The Range Of Its EVs

BMW told the Australian website Which car? that it will not pursue greater range for its electric cars that what has already been achieved with the i4 and iX. According to the automaker, most drivers don't need more range in their vehicles and the multiplication of DC fast chargers combined with advancements in charging technologies mean that drivers that do need to stop for charging won't have to wait for long periods.

Insight Into BMW's G80 M3 Engine.

The new M3 engine, called the S58, didn't seem particularly impressive on the outside. The specifications-minded would have already noticed that the new M3 had 473 HP, a decent hike compared to the previous one's 425 HP. The question is, how was this accomplished?

BMW iX - What Are Some Of Its Coolest Features?

The BMW iX is supposed to be the brand's new flagship electric car, which also means that it needs to be BMW's technological flagship.

Some Glorious Pictures Of Classic Alpina Models

Suffice to say that Alpina is as embedded in BMW's corporate structure as it's possible to get without actually being a fully-fledged subsidiary. Originally, Alpina actually made typewriters, but the founding operation failed and in 1965 a chap called Burkard Bovensiepen, a member of the big-hitting Bovensiepen German industrialist family, started the Alpina we know and love. Alpina tuned and tunes absolutely everything, from E21 320s with just 121bhp and 130b ft in the mid-'70s, to M3-alike B6 2.8s - based on the E21 323i - with 215bhp, and latterly BMW's powerful turbo-diesels.

BMW M3 CS And M4 CS Coming In 2023

The CSL isn't the only special Bimmer on its way, it will be joined by two siblings; the BMW M3 CS and the M4 CS, both of which will be here in 2023. What Will They Be? Much like the BMW M2 CS and M5 CS, the upcoming BMW M3 and M4 CS models will be more powerful, lighter weight, and more fun versions of the standard cars.

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