The all-new BMW iDrive. 📰 / New M4 Competition vs RS5 and C63 AMG Drag Race🏎️

Mar 19, 2021 4:06 pm


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Spy Photos

SPIED: 2022 BMW M2 Gets Caught Driving Around In Public

Now that the BMW M3 and M4 have not only been revealed but have been tested, and proven to be quite good, the next big performance car from the M Division is going to be the upcoming 2022 BMW M2. This current M2 is going out on a high note, with the brilliant M2 CS garnering near universal praise.


Drag Races

Video: New M4 Competition vs RS5 and C63 AMG Drag Race

The BMW M4 Competition has just been unveiled and we're already looking at various drag races. As you might expect, from standstill, the Audi will win 9 times out of 10, at least until the M4 Competition gets its all-wheel drive system in check.

Video: BMW M4 Competition takes on Porsche 911

The new M4 Competition has had no time to breathe since it was unveiled. One of the most common match-up is with the Porsche 911. The M4 is significantly more powerful than the 911, with no less than 125 horsepower between them, and even though the Porsche does have a better launch control sequence, the M4 ended up winning one of the two drag races.



VIDEO: Joe Achilles Checks Out The New BMW M4

In this video, Achilles tries out the BMW M4 in the only spec available in the UK; Competition-spec with rear-wheel drive, and an automatic gearbox. Still, we doubt that Achilles will be disappointed with a 510 bhp, rear-wheel drive M3. He also seems quite pleased, as well as relieved, that the BMW M4 drives as well as it does.

VIDEO: Is the G80 BMW M3 Better Than the G82 BMW M4?

In this new video, Achilles drives the G80 BMW M3 Competition for the first time, getting a taste of what his own car is going to be like. The car in this video isn’t the exact same spec as his car; as Achilles had to spec his car to be a bit friendlier for the ‘Gram; but it’s still the same essential car, mechanically speaking.

VIDEO: Doug DeMuro Checks Out the BMW M4 Competition

It's actually yet another one specially from Doug DeMuro, as he already released his review of the BMW M3. On his second YT channel, More Doug DeMuro, he drives the new BMW M4 Competition, to see if it's any different, better or worse than the standard M3. The BMW M3 DeMuro drove was the standard version, with 473 horsepower and a manual transmission.

Alpina XB7 2021 UK review

Most aspects of the standard X7's ride are a bit tidier than that of the XB7's. Alpina has tweaked the air suspension set-up, introducing new damper settings and revised kinematics that supposedly offer an enhanced balance between handling dynamism and ride comfort. The ALPINA XB7 is a brilliant SUV but so too is the BMW X7 M50i and, since both cars are so similar, why spend the extra money? On paper, there doesn't seem like much reason to do so.



The all-new BMW iDrive.

Like its predecessor, the BMW iDrive 8 enables fast access by swiping downwards from the upper edge of the BMW Curved Display or by tilting the iDrive Controller upwards. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will learn new functions and new forms of expression as the ongoing development of BMW iDrive continues.

BMW i4 unveiled

The BMW i4 is a fully electric 4 door Gran Coupé and will enter the market during the course of 2021, including a BMW M Performance model. The BMW i4 model line will be available in different versions covering ranges of up to 590km and up to 300 miles.

BMW iX Production Goes Green With Recycled Materials, Renewable Energy

BMW is diving grille first into electric vehicles with two new models in development. The German automaker began its EV journey with its i brand of cars, and the company is looking to expand it going forward. The i4 will debut tomorrow, though the more significant model is the iX crossover.

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