📰BMW M confirms it has something special on the way this year

Jul 01, 2022 10:06 am


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Spy Photos

First video from the Nurburgring of the BMW 3.0 CSL


The first BMW 3.0 CSL live from the Nurburgring footage is here. Now that the new 3.0 CSL's first spy images have been released, it's time to witness the unique M vehicle in action. After the vehicle was originally hinted at in 2020, we discovered that BMW was serious about producing the 3.

Another spy shot of a facelifted BMW X6 M with little to no camouflage


A new X6 test car was covered from nose to tail in BMW's black spiderweb camouflage wrap the last time we saw one. This time, only the front is treated in this manner, indicating a debut may be imminent.


Drag Races

Watch the Volkswagen Golf R be mocked by the BMW M3


Drag races are entertaining when the competing vehicles are evenly matched and you are unsure about the winner. They make for an incredible race, but are even more enjoyable when they differ greatly from one another.



Long-Term BMW X3 1000-Mile Update for 2022


The X3 is a five-seat SUV that strikes an appropriate mix between convenience, comfort, and performance.

This BMW M3 xDrive with 700 Horsepower Rip on the Autobahn


The BMW M3 is the first vehicle that can accept extremely high power ratings and really put them all to use. With the addition of xDrive, the BMW M3 has become a true tuning weapon since it can now harness the enormous power it is capable of producing with a few adjustments.

Check Out Tim Hardy’s E30 3 Series Pikes Peak Racer


The 2022 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, arguably the most thrilling hill climb competition in the world, took place this past Sunday. On the summit on Sunday, there were a few BMWs among the exhilarating drives and amazing automobiles.

The future BMW iX electric SUV can repair itself.


Even though it only has one EV to its name, the iX appears to be the result of a lengthy history of EV production. The 4-Series Gran Coupe is available in an electric form currently, however it is not as well-suited to EVs as the iX.

Harry Metcalfe Checks Out an E30 M3 2.5 EVO


One of the most unique vehicles BMW has ever created was the E30 BMW M3 2.5 Sport Evolution. It was a limited-edition variation of the renowned E30 M3, and it was also more potent, well-equipped, and perhaps even more thrilling than the normal model. That makes the E30 M3 2, as you might expect.



BMW M confirms it has something special on the way this year 


The original M legend, the 3.0 CSL, sometimes referred to as the "Batmobile," is the subject of a production Hommage special edition being developed by BMW M, according to a report from Australia's WhichCar last month.

Experience the BMW M3 Touring Up Close in Goodwood


Since the M3 Touring is now BMW's media darling and BMW is aware of this, it is the subject of all Goodwood coverage rather than the M4 CSL.

31.3-Inch Theatre Screen Inside BMW i7 Detailed In New Images


Even while bigger isn't always better, it will be difficult to find someone who prefers a smaller TV. In light of this, BMW upgraded its rear-seat entertainment system for the 7 Series G70.

Here's Everything We Know About The New BMW M2


The most popular model of the little yet powerful 2 Series is BMW's M2. It is one of the best-performing and handling vehicles in its class, just like the bulk of "M" models. BMW has a longstanding reputation for creating incredibly superior two-door sports cars and coupes.

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