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Feb 25, 2022 11:06 am



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Spy Photos

New BMW i7 saloon official prototype pictures of the electric 7-ser


Following prototype sightings of the ICE model last year, we've now been given an official glimpse at the EV undergoing testing.

Spied: 2023 BMW X1 M35i will feature quad pipes


The third version of BMW's iconic X1 SAV will be unveiled this year. A recent BMW X1 prototype has been discovered, and it boasts the quad pipes once more. The car in question is the M Performance Automobile sub-upcoming division's BMW X1 M35i.

Spy Photos: Another look at the 2023 BMW XM 750 HP SUV


In early Summer 2022, the 2023 BMW XM production model will be shown. Late last year, the concept vehicle was unveiled, and it's now making the rounds at VIP gatherings all around the world. The final destination was Abu Dhabi.


Drag Races

BMW M3 Competition Drag Races i4 M50 In Gasoline Vs Electric Duel


Because there haven't been as many models to choose from in the past, BMW M consumers are spoiled for choice. Consider the M3/M4 series, which includes manual and automatic transmissions, as well as RWD and AWD configurations.



2022 BMW X3 M40i - The Best BMW SUV Today? - BMW Blog


Small, premium, sporty sedans and coupes were BMW's bread and butter. Sporty cars like the 2002 and 3 Series set BMW apart from its premium rivals. BMW, on the other hand, no longer does "small."

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Tests the BMW iX xDrive50


Since the i3, the BMW iX xDrive50 has been one of the most important Bimmers. It's not only BMW's first all-electric vehicle since the i3, but it's also a car that competes in one of the industry's most competitive segments: the midsize premium SUV category.

VIDEO: BMW M240i Featured on The Smoking Tire


The new BMW 2 Series is a fascinating vehicle. It is objectively superior to its predecessor in every regard. However, some fans are wary of it because of its new appearance and emphasis on a more premium feel, especially now that it's even more pricey than before.

VIDEO: BMW M5 CS Reviewed by Carfection


The BMW M5 CS is, without a doubt. During my week with it, it really blew me away, and I couldn't get enough of it. Despite this, I only scraped the surface of its capabilities because I couldn't take it to a racetrack and the roads in New Jersey are, at best, subparโ€ฆthe review



2022 BMW M3 with M Performance Parts and Exhaust โ€“ VIDEO


It's only been a week since we last saw a 2022 BMW M3 M Performance Parts model, so it's time to take another look at the blinged-out sedan. This week saw the start of the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, and BMW has a strong presence in the Windy City.

10 Reasons Why The BMW M1 Was Awesome - HotCars


The M1 represents BMW's status as the highest manifestation of automotive art: the 'M' stands for all engineering projects BMW considers important, while the '1' represents the automaker's engineering history. It was created in order to replace the 3.

BMW explains why the i7 will use the same platform as the 7 Series G70


Following the i4's arrival in 2021, BMW's i7 will be the company's second electric sedan when it is unveiled later this year. Aside from the body style, the two will share another feature: the 7 Series without a combustion engine will also not be built on a specific EV platform.

BMW: Next 3 Series will have combustion engines, separate electric model


With 103,855 electric vehicles sold in 2021, a 133.2 percent increase over the previous year, it's safe to say the BMW Group is catching up in the EV race. However, it is far too early to switch all existing models to platforms designed for zero-emission vehicles.

These Are The 10 Ultimate BMW M3 Versions 


BMW has built a reputation as the "Ultimate Driving Machines" manufacturer in Germany. Their motorsport division, which we know as M, was created in 1972 to help them with their racing program using the 3.

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